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Tibet Youth Travel

Blessed with glamorous sunshine, mysterious monasteries, and lofty Himalayan peaks, welcoming local Tibetans, and awful lots of opportunities for highland adventure, Tibet is your ultimate place to expand the horizon in a spiritually-uplifting journey. For the young and vibrant looking for the authentic Tibetan experiences, nothing works better than traveling on foot for the best scenic treks Tibet has to offer.

By joining our Tibet youth tour, you can team up with our most experienced local leaders and enjoy the cultural highlights in Lhasa and extend your footprints to enchanting Lake Namtso, and hear the echoes of Buddhist chant resonating between ancient pilgrimage route along Ganden and Samye Monastery or walk past mighty Himalayan peaks to the foot of holy Mt. Everest at EBC, etc. The awe-inspiring Tibetan landscapes, thrilling local encounters, and hassle-free trekking support will leave you timeless memory in Tibet.

Most Popular Tibet Youth Tours

Trekking in Tibet is quite popular among youths. The following customized tours offer you authentic and enjoyable moments to trek with our knowledgable local leaders and discover incredible lofty peaks, Buddhist traditions, and real lives of devout local Tibetans. From the leisurely 2-day trek from Shalu to Nartang to the scenic treks to serene Lake Namtso from Damxung or the classic EBC Trek from Tingri, or enjoying the ancient pilgrimage route between Ganden and Samye, etc., you can make your own adventure based on your interests and preferences. While our expert local team will facilitate your journey with professional and attentive services you need.

Youth Tour Moments

Most Asked Questions about Tibet Youth Tour

Is there an age limit for Tibet yough travel?

There is no age limit for travelers of all kinds to Tibet. Whether you are teenagers, college students, or young adults, so long as you are physically fit, without the respiratory disease, you are ready to visit Tibet. All of the customized youth tours will be made based on your physical level, interests, and budget, etc.

Besides tekking in Tibet, what else can we arrange for youth tour?

Well, trekking is just a popular means of travel for young people visiting Tibet. However, it’s not the only way. All day-to-day itinerary and hands-on experiences are customizable according to your interests. If you are more interested in discovering the cuisine in Tibet, we can arrange the culinary tours like a home-cooking class for you. If you are a fan of Tibetan Buddhism and history, then the monastery tour works best for you. We will be able to take you to visit all the famous and hidden monasteries across Tibet. If you want to experience Tibet on wheels, a customized cycling tour from Lhasa to EBC would interest you more. Photography, birding, festivals, local handicraft traditions,… whatever your interest is, we can make it happen for you.

Is it very expensive for students to join the Tibet youth tour?

Admittedly, the customized tour is more expensive than a group tour. However, it never means that students or young travelers with low income can’t visit Tibet. There are some feasible ways to make it happen. For example, you may invite your friends and peers to customize a tour, then your guys can share the cost. Or, time your visit in the offseason of Tibet tour or say late Oct to early Feb, then you can enjoy many discounts as to hotel and flight, etc. Or you can narrow down your visit to central Lhasa and its surroundings, then you have plenty of options for the budget hotels and save many travel fees, etc. Or you may consult our friendly travel consultants to plan your journey.

Can you guys visit Tibet without the help of a travel agency?

Well, you can’t do that. Unlike visiting places like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc. all international tourists can only visit Tibet via a guided tour with a local Tibet travel agency like us. You can only depend on us to get Tibet Travel Permit, which is essential to your Tibet journey.

Any issues young people should pay attention to when visiting Tibet?

Yes, firstly, since Tibet is located on soaring Tibetan Plateau with an average elevation of 4,000m. You do need to have enough time for acclimatization before you head out to visit attractions in Lhasa or higher places. The worst mistake is to assume that young people are immune to mountain sickness in Tibet. - Check the expert tips to avoid acute altitude sickness in Tibet.
Secondly, always follow your guide’s guidance and avoid venturing into the unknown wilderness. If you know little about Tibetan Buddhism, consult your guide to avoid Buddhist taboos when visiting Tibetan monasteries. Thirdly, take enough warm clothes and preferably dress in layers for the huge temperature change.

What attractions do we recommend for young visitors?

Well, for the students or visitors to Tibet, firstly you may focus on your visit in and around Lhasa, covering the most iconic Tibetan monasteries like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Sera Monastery, etc. and then the most popular choice for young travelers is to enjoy the visit to Shigatse and ultimately to Everest Base Camp. Along the way, you will visit turquoise Lake Yamdrok and explore amazing Gyantse Fortress and prestigious Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse before making it to EBC. Both traveling on tour vehicles and on foot are available. If you love enjoying highland lake, then trip to heavenly Lake Namtso from Lhasa is also highly recommended.

Any volunteering work you can do in Tibet?

Well, though the full-time volunteering work is not available to international students, we can arrange you to visit remote Tibetan villages or orphanages, so you can donate stationery or used clothes to poor Tibetan kids. Also during our organized treks, we can collect the garbage along the way and enjoy the eco and responsible travel together.

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