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Nature and Photography Tour

Dotted with holy Buddhist temples and stunning alpine landscapes, Tibet is a paradise for sightseeing and photography. The nature and photography tour takes you to capture the most charming moments of Tibetan culture and its natural splendor with your camera.

Whether you are an avid amateur photographer keen to shoot the majestic Himalayas and pristine lakes or a pro landscape or portrait photographer looking for new photo inspirations, you will love the exploration with our expert local guide. From deep canyons to grand glaciers and vast prairies, wildlife, etc., with our professional team’s support, you will immerse yourself in the ecstasy as you press every shutter for epic images.

Most Popular Nature and Photography Tours

The fully-customized nature and photography tours are expertly built to meet the needs of all photographers and travelers at all levels. With our hassle-free services for travel permits, hotel booking, and transfer, and local guide, etc, you may easily capture the otherworldly landscapes from Lhasa to EBC, Lake Namtso, and Mt. Kailash in western Tibet with your camera gears. Or enjoy the adventurous journey by road from Chengdu, Xining or Yunan, etc. to Tibet. The unlimited photo opportunities, new discoveries, and exhilarating local encounters will all be documented in your everlasting photos.

  • 11 Days Tibet Photography Tour

    Lhasa - Shigatse - EBC - Namtso - Lhasa

    Lake Namtso and Mount Everest are two of most attractive places to shoot photos in Tibet.In the tour,you will enjoy the the fantastic snow-covered peaks,the holy lakes and grand monasteries.

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  • 15 Days World-Class Overland Route: Chengdu to Lhasa via G318 National Highway

    Chengdu - Kangding - Xinduqiao - Litang - Markam - Zogang - Ranwu - Nyingchi - Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhasa

    The Sichuan-Tibet highway is the most dangerous but most beautiful road route, where you can feel the real nature from Chengdu Plain to the Tibetan Plateau.

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  • 11 Days Travel through Qinghai-Tibet Highway

    Xining - Chaka - Golmud - Amdo - Nagqu - Lhasa overland tour

    Qinghai-Tibet highway is one of sightseeing routes from China to Tibet. You will pass Qinghai lake, Chaka salt lake, Kekexili nature reserve, and the source of Yangtzi river and Namtso lake, etc.

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  • 12 Days Yunnan to Tibet Overland Journey

    Lijiang - Shangri-la - Deqin - Zuogong - Ranwu - Pomi - Nyingchi - Lhasa

    Yunnan-Tibet Highway is a world-class off-road route with 1930 kilometers. You will traverse through Mt. Hengduanshan and Kham, the best-preserved area of Tibetan folk custom.

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  • 13 Days Tibet and Silk Road Tour from Xian

    Lhasa - Xian - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar - Urumqi

    After two days of exploring the Holy City Lhasa, you will fly to Xian to start your Silk Road discovery tour taking in world famous cities and tourist sites along the ancient silk road.

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  • 16 Days Amazing Kham Tour via G317 National Highway

    Chengdu - Jiaju - Danba - Ganzi - Daofu - Gantze - Baiyu - Xinlong - Litang - Dechen - Zhongdian

    This travel route starts from Chengdu with a thorough tour in Kham, and ends in Zhongdian, Yunnan province.

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  • 19 Days Big Loop Tour around Ngari Region

    Lhasa - Everest - Saga- Manasarovar Lake - Kailash - Darchen - Guge Kingdom - Tsada - Shiquan River - Gerze - Namtso - Lhasa

    This 19-day big loop tour takes you to visit some of the rarely-seen beauty of western Tibet in Ngari region, plus the essential attractions in central Tibet.

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  • 24 Days Tibet and Southern Xinjiang Adventure

    Lhasa - Tsedang - Shigatse - Sakya - Mt. Everest - Xian - Dunhuang - Turpan - Korla - Mingfeng - Hetian - Kashgar - Urumqi

    Go to visit the fabulous landscape and historical sites of southern Xinjiang along the famed silk road after exploring Tibetan culture and the world's highest mountain Everest. It will be an amazing experience with different cultures and natural beauty.

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Nature and Photography Tour Moments

Most Asked Questions about Nature and Photography Tour

For mountains and lakes in Tibet, where do you recommend to visit?

Well, in your case. We highly recommended you to customize a tour from Lhasa to EBC and Lake Namtso or journey from Lhasa to Mt.Kailash via EBC. These tours contain two of three holy lakes in Tibet, Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake, and Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. You can overlook charming and graceful Yamdrok Lake, or look up at the shy silhouette of Mount Everest in the twilight and appreciate Namtso Lake lying tenderly in the arm of Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains. In addition, you couldn’t afford to miss the vast sky and deep universe of Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest at night. There’s always something for you.
While the trip to Mt.Kailash in western Tibet will offer you the stunning view of Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash. You can enjoy the challenge for the 3-day kora around the holiest mountain in Tibet.

What level of photography do I need to be to book your tour?

Since all the nature and photography tours we have are fully-customizable, from entry-level photographers to veteran or commercial photographers or outdoor activists for nature are welcomed to join the journey. And our travel consultants will work with you to design your tour based on your interests and preferences.

What is the best time for nature and photography tour in Tibet?

Famous for stunning natural landscapes, Tibet has a vast territory and spectacular topography. And each season promises a distinctive look. However, for more vibrant colors and varied landscapes. In general, Late May to October would the best season for photography in Tibet.
However, there is always a slight variation. If you have a particular purpose, let’s say for Mt.Everst or Himalayas, then April to early June and Sept to Nov are the best time for crystal-clear blue sky and high visibility. For Tibetan nomads and verdant grasslands, holy lakes and thrilling Tibetan festivals, June to August would be the perfect timing.
If you go for peach blossoms in Nyingchi, then time your visit in early April. While the winter season from Dec to March, it’s the prime time for birding and snow-blanketed Tibet.

What cameras or lens should you take to Tibet?

As the proverb goes that Tibet is both eye-pleasing and physically-tormenting, given the thin air and harsh plateau environment. So, we suggest you traveling light and the cameras and lens are light and flexible. A frame-frame DSLR or a light-weight mirrorless camera is preferable for low light performance.
As to lens, the zoom lens like 24-70mm and 24-105mm, or 24mm-200mm, and 14-24mm, 16-35mm, 70-200mm, are some of the good choices for their versatility. Meanwhile, if you look for more compactness and great image quality, prime lens like 35mm, 85mm, and 24mm, or 50mm and 105mm are highly recommended.
Of course, for beginners of photographers, a compact camera or simply your Ipone will do the job. The incredible visibility and amazing sunlight and photogenic landscapes will help to take your photography to a higher level.
By the way, don’t forget to bring extra batteries and enough memory cards or a tripod with you if you go for the amazing star-drenched night sky in Tibet.

Any special travel formalities you need to prepare for the tour in Tibet?

Yes, for international tourists like you. Firstly, you need to apply for a Chinese visa yourself in the Chinese Embassy close to you. Then you are expected to email the photos for your Chinese Visa and Passport to us. Later, we will help you get Tibet Travel Permit for Tibet entry. You have to start preparing your Tibet permit at least 20 days before your tour begins in Tibet. The issued Tibet Permit will be delivered by express to your hotel in mainland China.

What type of accommodation or dining do you provide for the tour?

All the accommodation and dining will be arranged according to your needs. From 3-star hotels to 4-star mid-range hotels and 5-star luxury resorts, you will have many choices. The bigger cities like Lhasa, Shigatse and Nyingchi have more diverse and better facilities for lodging. If you travel to remote places for photography, like EBC or Mt.Kailash, the basic guesthouse in most cases is the only option.
For dining, in Lhasa, local Tibetan cuisine, western and Nepali and Indian dishes and Chinese and veggie-friendly food are all available. Our local guide will properly arrange the restaurant and food to your tastes. As you venture beyond Lhasa or Shigatse, the Sichuan dishes or local Tibetan food like yak soup noodles would be the common dining scene.

Anything you need to know when taking photos in Tibet?

Basically, keep a comfortable distance between you and the subject, esp. when shooting prostrating local pilgrims. In this case, a mid-range or telescope lens is preferable for portrait shots. Inside the Tibetan monasteries, no photo is allowed. It’s a taboo to photograph Buddha statues.
The low temperature at lofty mountain passes drains your batteries quickly. It’s better to have back-up batteries. Meanwhile, prepare enough warm clothes like down jacket, windbreaker, and headwear and mittens and sunblock or sunglasses for the unpredictable weather on Tibetan Plateau. The medicines for mountain sickness is also highly recommended. You’d better consult the doctor or a pharmacist for that.

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