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Tibet Family Tour

Though known as a paradise for highland adventure, Tibet is no stranger to family holidaymakers. Each year, thousands of travelers arrive in Tibet for its rich culture and amazing alpine landscapes. Our Tibet family tours invite your family, both young and old, for an eye-opening journey on the roof of the world.

Your daily itinerary is tailor-made to suit your family’s interest and physical level. All the knowledgeable local leaders you travel with are married so that they can better cater to the needs of your small kids and the elderly. From magnificent Tibetan monasteries to the visit to Tibetan local villagers and scenic trek past turquoise lakes and other highland marvels, every detail of your journey is taken great care, making it your best family tour ever.

Most Popular Tibet Family Tours

Traveling with your family to Tibet is a great way to widen the horizon and strengthen family bonds. Our customized Tibet family tour promises you the ultimate flexibility and hassle-free tour experiences you deserve. You may work with our travel consultants to design your day-to-day itineraries and choose your favorite hotels. Led by our expert local leaders, you will enjoy the great moments spending with our family while discovering the fascinating Buddhist culture and otherworldly landscapes in Tibet. Check the following sample itineraries and start customizing your family visit now.

  • 5 Days Lhasa Tour and Pilgrimage Trekking Path


    The 5-day tour covers the historical sites like the Potala palace, Jokhang Temple and Bakor street and all the three biggest monasteries in Tibet, Drepung monastery, Sera monastery and Ganden Monastery. Then explore Drak Yerpa,one of the holiest sites.

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  • 6 Days Visit Lhasa and Countryside Tibetan Village

    Lhasa - Ganden Monastery - Trubshi Village Trekking - Lhasa

    This Lhasa tour for family is designed for you to view the beautiful countryside scenery of Lhasa. You will enjoy a short trek and pay a visit to a Tibetan family to experience their daily life.

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  • 6 Days Tibet Family Travel to Holy Lake Namtso

    Lhasa - Yangpachen - Namtso - Lhasa

    This Tibet family tour will take you and your kids to visit the stunning holy Lake Namtso, the famous Yangpachen hot springs, the vast grassland and nomads on the Tibetan plateau after three days of Lhasa tour.

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  • 6 Days Lhasa and Countryside Life Discovery Tour

    Lhasa - Trubshi Village - Lhasa

    6 days in Lhasa to experience the local life of Tibetan,to visit handicraft workrooms of Tibetan joss stick, Tibetan porcelain, Tangka and Tibetan Carpet,to go to Tibetan farmer's house in countryside.

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  • 7 Days Lhasa Tour with Brahmaputra Cultural Relics Discovery

    Lhasa - Tsedang

    Tour to Lhasa for a feast of the mysterious Tibetan culture and Buddhism by visiting the world famed Potala Palace, holy Jokhang Temple, busy Barkhor street, then exploring "the cradle of Tibetan Civilization" - Tsedang.

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  • 9 Days Central Tibet Tour with Premium Cultural Destinations

    Lhasa - Tsedang - Gyantse - Shigatse - Lhasa

    It is a private tour package, and its price depends on the season, the number of participants and the specific service standard, so please contact our trip adviser to ask for a quote for your requirements.

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  • 10 Days Images of Tibet and China Tour

    Beijing - Xi’an - Lhasa - Shanghai

    From the heart of present China to that of ancient China, you will get a full idea of the rich culture of China and its long history; and then you will fly to the center of Tibet to explore its mysterious religion, culture, and fabulous landscape.

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  • 13 Days All Around China and Tibet Discovery Tour

    Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chongqing - Yangtse River - Yichang - Shanghai Tour

    This tour takes in the hot tourist cities of China, like Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Chongqing, Shanghai, offering you all kinds of experience.Your whole trip is sure to be full of fun and surprises.

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Most Asked Questions about Tibet Family Tour

Is it safe to take small kids for Tibet travel?

Well, there is no age limit for visiting Tibet. Traveling with your kids to Tibet, together with our attentive services, is perfectly safe. Since Tibet is situated on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an average altitude of 4,000m, you do need to pay extra attention to how they adapt to the new altitude. We began to provide the service for families with kids since Aug 2010. And no accident ever happened for our thoughtful services.
So far, some of the youngest clients included two boys, (one is 6 and the other is 4), who were taken by their Swiss parents to EBC in June 2017. While in summer 2017, Australian parents Justin and Hu Beibei bought their 3-year-old and ten-months-old kids from Xining by train to Lhasa and visited Lhasa and Lake Yamdrok. - Check the guide to traveling to Tibet with kids.
We would assign the most experienced local leaders, esp. those who are married to take care of your family. And the itinerary is scientifically made to give you the gradual ascent. All the tour activities are within your physical limit and interesting to you. As to the dining and restaurants are handpicked to suit your famil’s special needs.

Any recommended things to do for a family visit in Tibet?

Definitely. There are lots of things you can enjoy with your family in Tibet. If you travel with small kids and older family members, then you may focus your visit on Lhasa and its surroundings.
For example, you can travel with your family to cover the landmarks inside Lhasa city like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple. If your kids find it boring for visiting monasteries, then visit the bustling Barkhor bazaar or enjoy sweet tea or local food at a teahouse. Or enjoy the picnic at Norbulingka Palace or go for cycling along the enchanting Lhasa River.
You may also spend one or two days to visit the turquoise Lake Yamdork or serene Lake Namtso. In summer, you can even see many Tibetan nomads on the way. If your kids are at school age, then travel from Lhasa to EBC can be a great choice which allows your children to know how spectacular the highest mountain was in the world.

Can you get used to the food in Tibet?

Yes, there is no problem. To foodies, in Lhasa, not only can you enjoy authentic local Tibetan cuisines like Tibetan momo, and yak noodles soup and dried yak meat, but also dine at a variety of restaurants, offering tasty Nepali, Indian, and western, and Sichuan food. For both veggies and meat lovers, your tastebuds will enjoy a real treat. To vegetarians, you also have many options. As you venture out from Lhasa to other parts of Tibet, Sichuan restaurants would be most of the dining scene.

Possible Packing List for Tibet Family Tour

Some of the biggest features of Tibet weather is the drastic change of temperature between day and night, long hours of sunshine with powerful UV light, and arid air. Therefore, you’d better bring warm headwear like beanie for the chilly wind, and dress in multiple layers so you can add or lose clothes according to a different temperature.
Thermal underwear, long-sleeve shirts, jacket, windbreaker and down jacket, jeans, etc are recommended, even in summer if you will travel to places like EBC or Namtso. You also need a pair of comfy shoes for walking and hiking. Other stuff like sun-protection gears like sunglasses, trekking hats, lip balms, and toiletries and personal medicines for cold relief, motion sickness, anti-diarrhea pills, and mountain sickness and eye drops are also recommended.
Besides, don’t forget your camera gear and extra batteries and memory cards. And crucial travel documents like passport and Tibet travel permit.

Do you provide travel insurance for the family tour?

Yes, our travel agency will provide travel insurance for you as you book the tour with us. We cooperate with the People's Insurance Company of China. and ingeniously customize a high-value high altitude travel Insurance for our clients, which literally covers all the accidents that might occur during your stay in Tibet.

What is the best time for a family visit in Tibet?

The recommended travel time for family tours is from May to October. You can see prairie and nomads from July to August, which is the best time to visit the Tibetan countryside. Meanwhile, it’s the most comfortable time for Tibet visit since the oxygen content level is higher in the air with more moisture as well. You can enjoy the warm sunshine, snow-capped mountains, and deep blue sky.

Are the elderly and kids more likely to get altitude sickness?

Well, there is no scientific evidence that suggests the elderly or small kids are more likely to get altitude sickness. Instead, it has much to do with your genes and what you do to get acclimatized to the Tibetan Plateau.
Basically, you should avoid catching a cold before leaving for Tibet. And try to have enough time for the rest and acclimatization shortly after you land in Lhasa, instead of rushing to visit attractions. Generally, avoid the abrupt ascent in your itinerary and if possible you may get some medicines for altitude sickness after consulting the pharmacist or a doctor.
No worries. Our local leaders will closely follow your health condition and offer timely advice and help throughout your stay in Tibet. - Check the expert tips to avoid acute altitude sickness in Tibet.

Why we need a Tibet family tour?

Tibet Vista began to provide the service for family with kids since Aug, 2010 when we had a Canada father and his two children (one is 6 years old, the other is 10 years old). Theoretically at that time, it was very inconvenient to travel to Tibet with children, but the father said the aim of this tour was to allow his children to know how spectacular the highest mountain was in the world. Travelling with your kids in Tibet is a rare chance for them to learn about Tibetan culture, living habits and varied geographical features, and experience the diversity of plants and creatures.
As the Chinese proverb goes, “Not only should one read a lot but also travel a great deal.” For kids, travelling and reading are both important ways to learn and grow. The itineraries specifically designed for family with kids involve sightseeing and interactive events, enabling you to give children a lesson of a lifetime while enjoying the beauty of Tibet.

What to see during our Tibet family tour?

In addition to must-see Palaces and monasteries, we add some landscape sightseeing, including Namtso Lake and countryside scenery, trekking experience. Besides, tourists can fully communicate with locals or orphans in our family tours. All these arrangements are just made for your need.

How to plan a Tibet family tour?

According to our experience:
1. Daily Itinerary: The itinerary is pretty flexible. We will try our best to arrange itineraries in which your kids are interested, and you will not visit too many sights each day.
2. Tour Guide: Those guides who have their own family will be preferred to guide you, because they know exactly what a travelling family need.
3. About hotels and cars: A private car is available for your travel and your privacy is strictly protected.
All you need to do is set aside 6 days for travel. Firstly, you visit Lhasa city first to get acclimatized to high altitude. Then you will head for Namtso at higher altitude after you become fine-tuned with plateau. You can trek to countryside to experience the daily life of farmers. The visit will definitely be rewarding and memorable.

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