Tour Tibet in September and October

------The Golden Autumn Months

Autumn comes to Tibet in September and the grasses are turning from green to yellow, making Tibet like a rainbow with a wide range of colors. Tibet always presents a distinct natural landscape in autumn. The charming natural landscapes of mountains and lakes on Tibet Plateau in September keep attracting a large number of tourists. It is also the harvest season for Tibetan people in farming areas. How about making a Tibet tour in September and October to share the joy of harvest with them?

The temperature in Tibet is becoming cooler from hot, but it is not very cold in Tibet during Sep. and Oct. The sky is clear, clouds are pale, air is fresh and temperature is comfortable. It is still a great time to trek in Tibet and watch all kinds of wild animals on the Tibetan plateau.

It is said that the oxygen content in the air on Tibet Plateau is much higher compared of that in the other seasons. You will feel quite comfortable to go anywhere of Tibet, especially the sacred Mt. Kailash and holy Lake Manasarovar, Namtso Lake and Mt. Everest.

  • Sep:0℃ ~ 20℃

    Oct:8℃ ~ 17℃

  • Sep:8℃ ~ 20℃

    Oct:1℃ ~ 16℃

  • Sep:5℃ ~ 16℃

    Oct:-3℃ ~ 8℃

  • Sep:0℃ ~ 20℃

    Oct:-7℃ ~ 19℃

  • Sep:0℃ ~ 12℃

    Oct:-7℃ ~ 7℃

  • Sep:18℃ ~ 27℃

    Oct:14℃ ~ 25℃

Tibet Small Group Tours Available in Sept. And Oct. to Join

    • 8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour: marvel at Mt.Everest real close

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Lhasa

      Almost all the itineraries covering Everest Base Camp originate from this classic itinerary. The travel route to EBC involves all the awe-inspiring attractions, religious sites and magnificent natural wonder.

      From USD 925 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$1060open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$1060open for booking Book
      2022-09-11$1060open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$1060open for booking Book
      2022-09-25$1135open for booking Book
      2022-09-29$1135open for booking Book
      2022-09-30$1135open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$1135open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$1135open for booking Book
      2022-10-16$1010open for booking Book
      2022-10-23$1010open for booking Book
      2022-10-30$1010open for booking Book
      View Details
    • 15 Days Kailash and Manasarova Small Group Tour: A pilgrim’s final fantasy and the greatest overland trip in Tibet.

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - E.B.C - Lake Manasarova - Kailash Trek - Saga - Shigatse - Lhasa

      This is truly a journey to feel, magnificent temples, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, nomad camps, pilgrims of Tibet. Start the trip from exploring the heart of central Tibet.

      From USD 2026 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$2192open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$2192open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$2192open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$2280open for booking Book
      2022-10-15$2026open for booking Book
      View Details
    • 10 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and Namtso Lake Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest - Namtso - Lhasa

      The travel route to EBC & Namtso Lake involves all the awe-inspiring attractions, religious sites and magnificent natural wonder in Tibet.

      From USD 1269 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$1349open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$1349open for booking Book
      2022-09-11$1349open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$1349open for booking Book
      2022-09-25$1399open for booking Book
      2022-09-29$1399open for booking Book
      2022-09-30$1399open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$1399open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$1399open for booking Book
      2022-10-16$1299open for booking Book
      2022-10-23$1299open for booking Book
      2022-10-30$1299open for booking Book
      View Details
    • 4 Days Lhasa Impression Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa

      This classic Lhasa city group tour is the best choice for tourists who have limited time or visit Tibet for the first time. After visiting the must-sees in Lhasa, you will have a comprehensive impression of Tibetan culture and pave the way for your revisit in the near future.

      From USD 499 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$588open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$588open for booking Book
      2022-09-11$588open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$588open for booking Book
      2022-09-25$628open for booking Book
      2022-09-29$628open for booking Book
      2022-09-30$628open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$628open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$628open for booking Book
      2022-10-16$538open for booking Book
      2022-10-23$538open for booking Book
      2022-10-30$538open for booking Book
      View Details
    • 5 Days Lhasa and Yamdrok Lake Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Yamdrok Lake - Lhasa

      This itinerary involves the major attractions in Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery, and a day tour to the holy lake Yamdrok, one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet.

      From USD 679 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$766open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$766open for booking Book
      2022-09-11$766open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$766open for booking Book
      2022-09-25$810open for booking Book
      2022-09-29$810open for booking Book
      2022-09-30$810open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$810open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$810open for booking Book
      2022-10-16$736open for booking Book
      2022-10-23$736open for booking Book
      2022-10-30$736open for booking Book
      View Details
    • 6 Days Central Tibet Culture Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse- Lhasa

      The week-long Journey gives tourists a rare opportunity to taste the essence of Tibetan Culture in central Tibet. Besides, the must-see scenery like Yamdrok Lake and glaciers, vital monasteries are also covered in the itinerary.

      From USD 779 p.p

      Available Departures
      2022-09-04$859open for booking Book
      2022-09-04$859open for booking Book
      2022-09-11$859open for booking Book
      2022-09-18$859open for booking Book
      2022-09-25$915open for booking Book
      2022-09-29$915open for booking Book
      2022-09-30$915open for booking Book
      2022-10-01$915open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$915open for booking Book
      2022-10-09$779open for booking Book
      2022-10-16$809open for booking Book
      2022-10-23$809open for booking Book
      2022-10-30$809open for booking Book
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    • 5 Days Lhasa Small Group Tour with Three Major Monasteries

      Tour Route: Lhasa

      The 5 days tour features the major monasteries of Tibet, Drepung monastery,Sera monastery and Ganden Monastery, which are 3 main Yellow sect Monasteries in Lhasa. Through this tour, tourists may have a better understanding of the largest and mainstream leading sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

      From USD 590 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details
    • 6 Days Travel to Sky Lake - Lhasa and Lake Namtso Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Namtso Lake - Lhasa

      This itinerary covers major scenic spots in Lhasa and tourists will be able to see majestic mountainous range and sacred lakes on the roof of the world.

      From USD 760 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details
    • 6 Day Lhasa to Tsedang Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Tsedang - Lhasa

      This itinerary involves the major attractions in Lhasa and a day tour to the oldest Samye monastery. Then, you can continue your exploration to the cultural root of Tibet in Tsedang.

      From USD 760 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details
    • 8 Days Central Tibet and Namtso Small Group Tour

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Lhasa - Lake Namtso - Lhasa

      The cultural tour takes tourists to visit the hot attractions in main cities of Tibet and appreciate the spectacular view of two scared lakes.

      From USD 890 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details
    • 10 Days Holy Mt. Kailash Group Tour for Indian Pilgrims (Only for Indians living in China)

      Tour Route: Lhasa – Shigatse – Saga – Darchen – 3 Day Kailash Kora – Darchen

      The 10 days Mount Kailash tour from Lhasa is tailor-made for Indian pilgrims living in China. It covers the 3-day kora around Mount Kailash and a visit to the sacred Manasarovar Lake. The trip will end with a direct flight leaving from Ngari.

      From USD 1880 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details
    • 17 Days Kailash Manasarovar Full Moon Tour & Guge Kingdom Exploration

      Tour Route: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Saga - Darchen - Kailash Kora (3 days) - Manasarovar - Guge Kingdom - Saga - Sakya - Shigatse - Lhasa

      This tour allows tourists to enjoy the divine experience and ultimate religious and natural attractions across Tibet,esp. in Ngari Prefecture on full moon date.

      From USD 2190 p.p

      Available Departures
      View Details

Most Popular Private Tibet Tour Itineraries for Traveling in Sept. And Oct.

FAQs about Tibet Tour in Sept. and Oct.

How about Tibet weather in Sept. and Oct.? And what to wear?

September and October are the autumn months in Tibet, and the weather cools down as the rains dissipate across the plateau. The natural landscapes are still green and verdant from the rainy season, and while the weather is cooler, it is brighter, with more sunshine and few clouds. Temperatures range from as low as -7 to around 8 degrees degrees at night, and can be as high as 20 degrees during the day. Overall, the autumn weather, with the falling leaves, is one of the best times to visit the plateau region.

What are the best festival to enjoy in Sept. and Oct.?

Bathing Festival, also known as Garma Ri Gi in Tibetan, usually falls on the first ten days of July in Tibetan calendar when Venus appears in the sky. During this festival, the local people washing away the grime of the previous year in an act of purification that coincides with the week- long. Legend goes that bathing at this period is beneficial to health. For a whole week, from morning to evening, Tibetans of all ages go to the rivers to take a holy bath. The rivers are full of people as young and old people and families all participate.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, the water in Tibet at this time has eight advantages: sweet, cool, soft, light, clear, clean, unharmful to throat, nor to belly. Judged from the natural environment and climate of Tibet, the river water has a relatively high temperature and is suitable for bathing. During the seven days, tens of thousands of Tibetan men and women go to river or lake to have baths. The tents, big or small, dot the beach and Lingka into a colourful world.

Pabang Dangkuo Festival is the most important festival held in Reting Monastery north of Lhasa. Pabang Dangkuo Festival in Reting Monastery was only purely religious prayer activity and then gradually developed into an integrative festival including varied entertainments and goods exchange.

Pabang means big stones, Dang glass lawn. Pabang Dang, called holy place by Lamas, is located in the western side of Reting Monastery, the first temple of Kadampa built in Tangguo village, Linzhou Country, which is 240 kilometers away from the north of Lhasa. Jiang Bai Duo Ji is the lord Buddha in the Reting Monastery. In the date of festival, devout worshippers come to present offerings, chant sutras, pray from thousands miles away. The Pabang Dangkuo Festival falls on every July 15th of Tibetan calendar.

Each August in Tibetan Calendar, the Ongkor Festival is held in farming areas to celebrate the bumper harvest; 'Ongkor' in Tibetan means 'surrounding the farmland.' The celebrations include horse racing, shooting, dancing and singing, Tibetan traditional Opera, stone lifting and wrestling, people show all their contentment and happiness on bumper harvest during the festival celebration. The “Ongkor” is also a good time for farmers to have a rest. Since crops ripen in different times, the festival is held accordingly.

The Ongkor Festival comes from the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. In the village, people initially offered sacrifices to gods to pray for a good harvest. Tsedang in Shannan Region holds the Ongkor Festival in mid-summer.

Yak Festival was regarded as god and became the best sacrifice for divinities. Then, the Yak Festival finally emerged. It starts from the 15th day of the 8th month in Tibetan calendar and usually lasts more than 10 days or even one month sometimes, with generally more than 1,000 people.

During this festival, people will ask 'heiba'(wizard) to recite scriptures, play yak horn and kill tens of yaks or over 100 sheep, drinking freely and talking noisily. Because of the high expenses, this large-sized fair was held only once in almost one century.

Why Sept. and Oct. are the best time to trek Tibet?

With the clearer weather after the summer months and the bright sunny skies, September and October are the best time of year for trekking. The rains have gone and the clouds with them, and views of the mountain summits are better and clearer. The autumn is also the time of the falling leaves, and the colors of reds, golds, and brown cover the forests with a multi-colored carpet.

Where can I join the autumn harvest with local Tibetans?

One of the best places to join in with the Ongkor Festivities is in Shigatse Prefecture, which is one of the major farming regions of Tibet. The rural villages that lie along the banks of the Yarlung Tsangpo River as it crosses the plateau are farming villages, and the Ongkor is held every year, at its changeable date, across the region.

Can I visit Lake Namtso, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar in late October?

September and October are actually one of the best times of year to travel to the more remote areas of Tibet. Travel to Lake Namtso is easier, with no rains and clear bright weather all the way. It is also a great time to view the lake with the late autumn sun shining on the placid waters. It is also a great time to head for Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, in Ngari, while the weather is at its best for tackling the Kailash Kora Trek or the Lake Manasarovar kora Trek.

Shall I avoid visiting Tibet in Golden Week Holiday (Oct.1-7)?

The Golden Week in China is one of the biggest holidays in the country, and is held as part of the National Day celebrations, when all Chinese are on their holidays. In Tibet, this means that the number of tourists traveling to the plateau increases massively, and the whole plateau region gets crowded. If you are planning a trip to Tibet, it is best to avoid this period, as it can cause problems with accommodation and transport to the plateau.

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