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Tibet Tour in March 2019/2020 - Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival

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Tourists planning a Tibet tour in March can witness more magnificent snow-capped mountains, Mt. Namjagbarwa at east Tibet and Mt. Everest in particular. When most areas of Tibet are covered by snow, Nyingchi in eastern Tibet welcomes its warm spring in March. Praised as the Switzerland in Tibet, Nyingchi in spring is a fantastic place with beautiful Mt. Namjagbarwa, amazing Yarlung Zangpo Cayon, charming peach blossoms, etc.

Mt. Namjagbarwa always shows its real appearance in this season for rarely being surrounded by clouds and mists, and blooming peach blossoms make Nyingchi a sea of flowers. The beautiful peach blossoms and the snow-capped Namjagbarwa in distance form fascinating scenery in Nyingchi. Looking at a distance, it appears that snowy mountains are embracing huge layers of pink clouds.

As the lowest area of Tibet, Nyingchi is always the first destination of many tourists to Tibet. It is also advisable to spend a certain time in the places with a relatively lower elevation during your Tibet trip.

Except Nyingchi, Lhasa is also a great place recommended as your destination of Tibet tour in March. Enjoying the sunshine at Jokhang Square and observing Tibetan pilgrims doing ritual can be very pleasant. But warm clothes are still necessary.

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Avg. Temparature of Tibet Hot Places in Spring

Lhasa WeatherMar.
Lhasa -2~
Shigatse -11~
E.B.C -11.2~
Namtso Lake -14~
Ngari (Mt. Kailash) -8.8~
Kathmandu 7~

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Tibetan Festivals Celebrated in March

Butter Lantern Festival

The Butter Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first month in Tibetan calendar. It is the last high tide of celebrations of the Tibetan New Year. During the daytime, people go to pray in temples and monasteries while at night there is a lantern show. The butter lanterns they made prayer themselves.

Various lanterns with butter sculptures shaped in the image of deities, animals, plants, and human figures are displayed, attracting people from the neighboring areas to appreciate them. Some of the lanterns are as high as two or three-storey buildings. Often, there is puppet show held as well and the event will last for several days.

Great Prayer Festival

As one of the greatest religious festivals in Tibet, the celebration of the Great Prayer Festival would last from January 1st to 25th according to the Tibetan calendar. Thousands of monks (of the three main monasteries of Drepung, Sera and Ganden) would gather for chanting prayers and performing religious rituals at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. The lamas would debate the Buddhism scriptures in the temple, may also raise questions to the elites of Tibetan Buddhism and debate with them.

Followers of the Tibetan Buddhism from every corner of Tibet would collect in Jokhang Temple to worship Sakyamuni since they regard it as the living Buddha. Pilgrims would also offer donations to the lamas. They would crowd at the second floor of Jokhang Temple and throw their Hada to the chanting lamas.

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival

Spring is a season of freshness and hope. When spring comes, it means reverberation for Tibet tourism. The spring leaves obvious footprint in Nyingchi since Mid March. With an average altitude of 3,100 meters and surrounded by the snow-capped Himalaya mountain range, the region welcomes spring earlier than the rest of Tibet. Though unexhausted chill might hit Nyingchi in March now and then, Nyingchi has become a sea of peach blossoms.

As the numerous peach trees scattered across the prefecture come into bloom, the local government would be busy preparing for the annual peach blossom tourism festival since Mid March. The beautiful peach blossoms and the snow-capped Namjagbarwa in distance form fascinating scenery in Nyingchi. Looking at a distance, it appears that snowy mountains are embracing huge layers of pink clouds.

With the Milin Airport’s operations in 2006, Nyingchi became the second most popular travel destination in Tibet behind Lhasa due to its mild climate and picturesque scenery. Every year between March and April, the prefecture enjoys a tourism boom because of its peach blossoms. When travelling there, you will be amazed by the lofty snow-capped mountain peaks, well-preserved original forests, cypresses that can grow up to thirty meters, and numerous colorful grasses. Travelers can also take part in various activities, such as mountain hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting, and experience the unique local customs of the Menba and Luoba people.

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