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There are many kinds of animals living on Tibet Plateau. Species like Tibetan antelope,yak and Tibetan mastiff, some of which are even almost extinct now, are exclusive and unique here. They all have their own special characters. Tibetan antelopes are like elves, yaks the gladiators and Tibetan mastiffs the guardian angels on the snow land plateau.  Were you lucky enough, you may see some in the Tibet train on the way to Lhasa. 
  • Tibetan Mastiff8 pics Tibetan Mastiff The Tibetan Mastiff also known as do-khyi,it is considered as the home guard dog
  • Yak9 pics Yak Tibetan people have raised yaks for at least two thousand years.
  • Tibetan Antelope8 pics Tibetan Antelope Tibetan antelope is a kind of rare animal that can only be seen in the Tibetan pl
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