Tibet Railway Maps

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Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the massive railway network connecting major cities of mainland China with Tibet, is the essential overland gateway for most travellers to enter Tibet and begin their Tibet tour.

Tibet Railway Maps

map of qinghai-tibet railway maps(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Tibet Railway Maps

Beijing-Lhasa Railway:

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Beijing-Lhasa Train Z21(returnZ22) stretches as far as 3757km and crosses over 8 provinces and it takes around 40 hours and 53mins from Beijing to Lhasa.

Shanghai-Lhasa Railway:

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Shanghai-Lhasa Train Z164 (return Z166) covers 4373 km in total. It normally takes about 47. 34 hours to reach Lhasa from Shanghai.

Chengdu-Lhasa Railway:

map of chengdu to lhasa train(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Chengdu-Lhasa Train Z322 (return Z324) crosses 5 provinces and measures 3070 km. It takes about 41 hours and 31 mins to reach Lhasa from Chengdu.

Chongqing-Lhasa Railway:

map of chongqing to lhasa train(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Chongqing-Lhasa Train Z223(return Z224) extends as long as 3654km and it takes around 42:13h to reach Lhasa from Chongqing.

Xining-Lhasa Railway:

map of xining to lhasa train(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Xining-Lhasa Train Z6801 (Z6802) is the genuine Qinghai-Tibet train which starts from Xining, Qinghai province with 1960 km in total. It takes approximately one day (or 20:55 hour ride) from Xining to Lhasa.

Guangzhou-Lhasa Railway:

map of guangzhou to lhasa train(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Guangzhou-Lhasa Train Z264(returenZ266) departs daily at noon from Guangzhou Train Station, and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station in the late afternoon on the third day after over 53 hours covering a distance of 4980 kilometers.

Lanzhou-Lhasa Railway:

map of lanzhou to lhasa train(Simple click to enlarge the map)
Lanzhou-Lhasa Train Z917(return Z918)departs from Lanzhou to Lhasa daily, and the trains to Tibet which come from inland China all make a stop in Lanzhou.

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