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Bottoms up! Let’s Savior the Glamorous Nightlife in Langma Hall in Tibet

Latest Update: May,16 2018

Langma Hall or Langmating means court music in Tibetan, a kind of elegant art prevailing in noble class in the past. With the development of society, it gradually becomes the nightclub which combines traditional and popular music in Tibet, playing a vital role in Tibetan’s daily nightlife now. Here, you can appreciate Tibetan-style dance and songs with admiration for Tibetan who live on the world’s highest plateau, sipping the Tibetan Chang, tripping the light fantastic, chatting with others, proposing a toast…

Therefore, Langma Hall is a place where you can have the deep and full exposure to Tibetan culture, custom, people, and architecture. It is said that you have never gone to Tibet if don’t visit Langma Hall. Langma Hall is just a general name of Tibetan nightclubs, in fact, there are lots of excellent Langma Hall with their own style, such as Lhasa Yinxiang, Rongzhong ’Erjia Auditorium, Niwei National Opera House, Zangdiyangguang Auditorium, they are quite famous in Lhasa.

If you want to bask in rich Tibetan atmosphere, have a good relaxation, Lhasa Yinxiang is the best choice for you. However, Rongzhong ‘Erjia Auditorium is famous for the high-quality Tibetan-style dance and singing show. Niwei National Opera House is full of passionate Tibetan servers, so long as you enter, you will be encircled by their enthusiasm. As for the Zangdiyangguang Auditorium, you will appreciate Tibetans who wear colorful masks dance, at that moment, you seem to live in the past Tibet.

Actually, no matter which one you visit during your Tibet tour, the professional Tibetan dance and melodious Tibetan music will lead you to understand the real Tibetan charm nourished by the mysterious snowy plateau. Hospitable locals will make you relaxed at your home. In addition to the dance and song, exquisite pattern, vibrant color, special handicrafts make the whole decorative design be full of national feature.

At the same time, in Langma Hall, each show usually starts with a traditional Tibetan Opera which has been included in National Intangible Cultural Heritage. During Tibetan New Year or important festivals, it will be also performed. After watching, you will also find the religious element of Tibetan Opera. That is why you just visit Langma Hall, but you can learn about Tibet in every aspect.

Certainly, you can immerse yourself in enjoying in Langma Hall, but there is something that you can’t do, please remember. Please keep your belongings safe, for the dragons and fishes jumbled together. Drink properly, health is the most important, after all, drinking too much may increase the risk of the altitude sickness. Please respect the locals and performers. And the good sleep is important for your following tour, so do not stay too late.

Here are some pictures of our clients when they had fun in Langma Hall. If there is still any question or you want to know more, please contact us. The Langma Hall seems to beckon to you, come to join us to enjoy right now!

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 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

 Langma Hall

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