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The Best Moments of Tibet Tour is on the Road

Latest Update: November,06 2019

The vastness of the Tibetan plateau means that there are long distances to travel from one place to another. You can find yourself traveling hundreds of kilometers a day to get to the next amazing site. However, while the attractions are amazing, often the travel can be just as interesting, and things that happen along the road can make your day.

Enjoy the Sunbathing in Tibet

Bathe in the sun at ManasarovarBathe in the sun at Manasarovar

The high Tibetan plateau climate means that the sun is strong enough for you to sunbathe on the shores of the lake. The thinner atmosphere means that the sun is stronger than at sea level for this latitude, and sunbathing can be done even in winter at some of the most beautiful spots across the plateau. However, do apply sunscreen to avoid the sunburn.

Explore the Local Market

Stroll at Barkhor Street in LhasaStroll at Barkhor Street in Lhasa

Taking a stroll along Barkhor Street in Lhasa is more than just a walk along the kora route for the Jokhang Temple. This intriguing local street is also the best market street in the city, and you can find some great souvenirs for friends and family. You can also try the Tromsikhang Market in Lhasa or the Old Street market in Gyantse for similar experiences.

Enjoy Great Company in Our Small Group Tour

Our bus van is also filled with laughter and singingOur bus van is also filled with laughter and singing.

Traveling on a bus filled with strangers is much more appealing than touring in Tibet. On our Small Group Tours, you will travel with other like-minded tourists, which helps to share the cost of the expenses of guide and driver. And you may even find yourself a new frend for life among your compatriots.

Stop by a Local Tibetan Family

Be the guest in a local’s familyBe the guest in a local’s family

Being a guest in a local Tibetan family home is the perfect way to learn more about how Tibetans live. Stopping to have tea or even a meal with a local family can give you the opportunity to learn more about local foods, how the family lives, and the more distinctive local customs.

Take a Selfie with Mighty Himalayan Mountains

Snap Shots at Gawu La PassSnap Shots at Gawu La Pass

Selfies are the modern snapshots for a digital age, and there is nothing better than getting a selfie with the massive Himalayan mountains in Tibet. On the road to EBC, you will have many chances to get great photos of the surrounding mountain vista. And once you arrive, there is nothing like that required selfie with the world’s highest mountain in the background.

The Otherworldly Highland Lakes Are Definitely a Feast to Your Eyes

Passing the turquoise Yamdrok LakePassing the turquoise Yamdrok Lake while en route to Gyantse

The road from Lhasa to Gyantse passes by the stunning Lake Yamdrok, one of the Great Three Sacred Lakes. And there are many more stunningly beautiful lakes across Tibet on which you can feast your eyes and enjoy their still calmness. While you may just pass by lakes with just a brief stop, you will be enthralled by their otherworldly beauty.

Try Wearing Traditional Tibetan Outfit

Wear traditional Tibetan clothesWear traditional Tibetan clothes to take photos in Lhasa

When in Rome… One of the popular things to do in Lhasa is to try out the local garb and get some great photos of yourself in traditional Tibetan clothing in front of some of the most iconic sites in Tibet. This kind of photo can help you remember the thrilling experience even decades after it happened.

Surprised by a Birthday Cake

An unexpected birthday for our clientAn unexpected birthday for our client

Having a birthday on the tour is often a reason for us to surprise you with a birthday cake. If your birthday falls on the dates of your tour of Tibet, we will prepare a surprise party for the birthday celebrant and include your other fellow travelers for the party. This is how much we care about our guests in Tibet.

Discover Unique Local Tibetan Customs

Tibetan family’s wallInteresting yak dung fuel dried on Tibetan family’s wall

Yak dung is an amazing thing. It is often left to be dried out on the wall. So the more yak dung on the wall, the richer this family is. It is very useful as a fuel for fires. Yak dung is scooped up and dried in the sun, then used as fuel. And this is just one of the many local traditions of Tibetan culture that you can discover for yourself.

Seek Solitude and Inner Peace

meditate at the enchanting valley around Yerpa MonasteryMeditate at the enchanting valley around Yerpa Monastery

Tibet is a land of peaceful contemplation and relaxing meditation, and you do not need to be inside a monastery to do so. Most of the plateau is relaxing and peaceful when you stop and take in your surroundings, and these mountain valleys and lakeshores are often much better than the tourist attractions, and much more relaxing. - Check more about Tibet meditation tour

Get the Certificate for Visiting EBC

Visit on the Way to EBCOur clients receive the certificate of EBC Visit on the Way to EBC

All of our clients that travel to the famous Everest Base Camp or the sacred Mount Kailash get a certificate to prove that they actually made it to the base of the world’s highest mountain or the world’s most sacred mountain. This certificate of achievement is a permanent record of your tough spirit and determination and lasts a lifetime.

Experience the Holiness During the Mt.Kailash Kora

Trek around Mt.KailashTrek around Mt.Kailash

Taking the Kora Trek around Mount Kailash is a truly spiritual experience. While you may not be able to climb onto the mountain, or even touch its sacred black slopes, the sense of holiness around the mountain is real, and the ethereal experience of taking part in the holiest of hikes is its own greatest reward.

Get Hands-on Experience of the Farmland in Tibet

Our client rode on a tractor on the farmlandOur client rode on a tractor on the farmland

Late August and early September is the time of the famous Ongkor Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Tibet. Traveling at this time of year means you can visit the festival, and get inside this unique culture.

Feast on Tasty Food

Enjoy the Local Cuisine in TibetEnjoy the Local Cuisine in Tibet

Tibet is renowned for its unusual food, and the cuisine is well worth trying. The delicious dishes, which are true culinary delights, means you will enjoy the Tibetan cuisine.

Enjoy the Epic Chengdu to Lhasa Overland Tour via G318 National Highway

Challenge 72 hairpin bends on the Chengdu-Lhasa overland G318Challenge 72 hairpin bends on the Chengdu-Lhasa overland G318

The stunning Sichuan-Tibet Highway has an amazing experience known as the 72 Hairpins. Take a trip from Chengdu to Lhasa and we will show you this amazing climb up and down the mountain, and you can count the bends. - See detailed information about Chengdu Lhasa overland tour

Witness prostrating Tibetan pilgrimsWitness prostrating Tibetan pilgrims

All along the roads in Tibet, you will often find pilgrims traveling to one of the sacred sites for their holy pilgrimage. A common sight on the roads to Tibet from Chengdu is that of pilgrims prostrating themselves on the ground every few feet, for their whole journey.


While visiting the Tibetan plateau’s awesome attractions is an amazing experience, often the journey itself is as much enjoyment as the arrival. The roads around and to Tibet are such that they have amazing attractions just sitting there waiting for you to pass by. And some of the best experiences of any tour of Tibet happen when you least expect them.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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