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Tibet Tour Is Only for Men? Ladies: Let's Rock 'n' Roll!

Latest Update: September,05 2019

For female travelers who have not been to Tibet or other Chinese cities before, one of the main concerns is: is it safe to travel to Tibet? After all, you may have heard many “news” regarding safety issues in Tibet. But as soon as you step into Tibet with us, believe me, your worries are gone with the wind.

Actually, Lonely Planet says that Tibet is one of the safest places to travel to in Asia. And Tibetans are very nice people to get along with. Let’s see some of our female guests who enjoyed Tibet in different ways.

UK Singer Singing in the Wild and Bars in Lhasa

In May this year, a famous British singer Joss Stone and her brother Harrison and Leon had a fabulous private music tour in Lhasa with us. Singing involves a lot of inhaling and exhaling. Usually, you are expected to pant a lot if you are new to Tibet, let alone singing. However, due to our experienced local guide Namgyal and our well-designed itinerary, the group acclimatized well and thus were able to enjoy singing in Tibet from beginning to end.

Joss and Leon recording in South ParkJoss and Leon recording in South Park, Lhasa

Joss and lamas togetherJoss and two lamas taking a photo together

 The group trying Tibetan noodles The group trying the Tibetan noodles, which are Joss’s favorite

Our guests and guide togetherOur guests and guide, Namgyal, taking a photo together

As a local Tibet travel agency since 1984, we have rich experience for running both small group and customized tours for different travelers with different purposes. For Joss, we helped her arrange a live performance in a stylish bar in Lhasa. The ambiance was really touching and both the guests and the local Tibetans enjoyed their solo music show very much. The team said they would definitely come back for another music tour in Tibet.

If you are interested in some kind of artistic and cultural tour, feel free to contact us and we will make the best Tibet tour for you.

Joss singing in a local bar in LhasaJoss and her team giving a live music show in a stylish bar in Lhasa

Joss singing in a local bar in Lhasa

Joss and local Tibetans having funJoss helping the local Tibetan guitar player with his Kha Ta (Hatta)

Ukrainian Girls Dancing at the Lakeshore

Singing seems a bit easy? How about dancing? In June, we have three energetic Ukrainian young ladies travelling with us in Tibet. They were acclimatized well and were so excited about the holy views of Namtso lake that they danced in front of the sacred lake! Our guide Dechen found some off-the-beaten paths, perfect for them to view Namtso and dance at the same time.

 Ukrainian girls taking a photo on the way Ukrainian girls taking a photo on the way

Ukrainian girls dancing in front of NamtsoLet’s rock ‘n’ roll!

Ukrainian girls taking photos near NamtsoYou have my heart, Namtso

 Ukrainian girls taking photos near Namtso Ukrainian girls taking photos near Namtso

One girl showing some dancing skillOne girl showing some dancing skill

They even showed a bit of cheekiness and tried a local Tibetan’s motorbike.

 Two girls trying a local Tibetan’s motorbike Yay! We are Tibetan “cowboys”!

They also made to the EBC! Check more details about their Lhasa to EBC and Lake Namtso small group tour.

Our guests and guide DechenOur guests and guide Dechen

Our guests at EBCOur guests at EBC

Female Travellers Hiking in the Snow-Capped Mountain

Not keen on singing and dancing? Okay, let’s get to more serious things: hiking on the snowy mountain. So what, you think it’s mainly for men? Check our female hikers below.

With the help of our experienced guide, who have hiked many routes multiple times, the hiking was just a piece of cake for our guests.

 Our guests hiking uphill Our guests hiking uphill

 Our guests hiking uphill The views are amazing, isn’t it?

 Our guest getting excited Yeah! I made it!

One of our guestsTaking a photo with the peak, snow and prayer flags

It’s cold, but it’s amazing!It’s cold, but it’s amazing!

Female Travelers Enjoying Mt. Kailash Kora in Tibet

Even for more elderly people in more remote and higher places like Ngari, female travelers are doing great as well. Ngari, hailed as “the roof of the roof of the world”, even over land tour can be difficult. However, with the up-to-date news about this area, we are able to make the best Kailash and Manasarovar tours according to our guests’ situation. Plus, we provide things like trekking poles, thick Tibetan apron, hot water bag and warm Tibetan tea, etc., to make our guests’ hiking tours as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our guests taking a photo at the beginning of the koraOur guests taking a photo at the beginning of the kora

Our guests taking a photo at the beginning of the kora

Our guests taking a photo during the koraOur guests taking a photo during the kora

Our guests taking a photo during the kora

Our guests taking a photo during the kora

Things to Pay Attention to as Female Travellers

Female tourists are generally doing fine when travelling in Tibet. There are some other tips to follow when travelling in Tibet.

1. Personal hygiene
Westerners or southerners from China are very used to showering at least once a day. But in Tibet, because of the dry weather and high altitude and coldness, you are suggested to shower only when it’s warm enough, say, in the daytime. You are also suggested not to shower in the first 2 or 3 days in Tibet before you are fully adapted to the altitude.

2. Clothing
You can see in the above photos that at the same time of day, people can experience totally different weather. Even when you stay in the same place, the day and night temperature difference can be quite big. So do get enough warm clothes for handy usage.
We know you are kinda keen on sun tanning and get bronze-colored skin. But believe me, sunlight in Tibet is not what you presume. When in Tibet, always remember to use sun cream or, if you find the altitude sickness of your cream is annoying, wear long sleeves and trousers, scarves, hat and sunglasses.

3. Monastery rules
Most Tibetans believe in Buddhism so it’s better to follow the traditions. Try avoiding wear too revealed clothes like shorts or low-cut tops, especially when going to the local’s house or monastery. You can look at what local Tibetan ladies wear for reference. In addition, some monasteries don’t allow female entry into their gönkhang (protector chapel) or even courtyard.

4. Police are easy to be found
Tibetan Buddhism has a deep respect for the equality of women. So basically, female travelers are worry-free safety-wise. But if something does happen, police are easy to be found. Anyway, stay with your guide at all time, and follow the guide’s advice, it’s less likely you will have to worry about this.

So, ready to hit the road with us in Tibet? Please feel free to contact us at inquiry@tibettravel.org for free consultation. For both solo female travelers and those traveling with your friends and family, we will plenty of choices for a mesmerizing journey in Tibet.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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