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Epic Tibetan Drama Unfolds: Never Miss the Princess Wencheng Real-scene Musical in Lhasa

Latest Update: June,21 2023

Known as the spiritual heart of Tibet, Lhasa is the perfect start for an exhilarating Tibetan experience. Apart from the landmark Buddhist monasteries, lively Barkhor Bazaar and eye-opening Tibetan customs, historic Lhasa also has intriguing folklores and mysterious Buddhist anecdotes for you to explore.

Of all the major historical events in Tibet, the legendary intermarriage between Wencheng, the princess of Han Empire and Songtsen Gampo, Tibetan king of Tubo Empire is indeed the most romantic story to delve into.

Princess Wencheng in the Show

The whole story came as a result of a suggestion made by Songtsen Gampo, Tibetan King. To keep the peace over the border and establish formal diplomatic ties between Tubo Kingdom (former Tibet) and Tang Dynasty, Songtsen Gampo proposed to marry a princess of Emperor Tazizong as a symbol of lasting brotherhood and friendship.

And without surprise, the great suggestion was granted. Then, Princess Wencheng was handpicked and marched over 2000 miles from Chang’an, the ancient capital of Tang Dynasty to marry Songtsen Gampo in Lhasa in 641 A.D. The epic journey to Tibet and historic marriage proved to be a remarkable event told by generations of Tibetans and Han people. Many believe that it is such marriage that leads to the building of current Potala Palace.

Stage persona of Princess Wencheng & Songtsen Gampo

Nowadays, the historic marriage is put on stage with extravagant real-scene musical shown in Lhasa. To cultural explorers, photographers, or someone who is a big fan of drama and musical, you will be enjoying a real treat.

So What Exactly Do You Expect to Enjoy for Such Grand Musical?

You will be sitting in a huge open-air theater, expertly-designed beside a lofty mountain and enjoying a dazzling array of traditional Tibetan dancing and singing, performed by professional Tibetan actors, actresses and dancers. Dressed in both traditional Tibetan and Han costumes, up to 700 performers will vividly display the legendary journey took by princess Wencheng from Chang’an to meet and marry Songtsen Gampo and the subsequent incredible bond forged between Tubo Empire and Tang Dynasty, in 5 chapters.

Princess Wencheng Musical Stage

In addition, you will also have a great opportunity to enjoy the widest spectrum of Tibetan performances, which can only be seen during Tibetan festivals, such as, Guozhuang Dance (also known as Tibetan Circle Dance), Arga dance ( kind of rooftop dance), and Tibetan opera singing, Tsampa splashing scene, etc. You are able to learn some of the essential customs to Tibetan culture, once and for all. So why not give a go?

Dancing in the Musical

Besides, after the show, you can even dress in the exquisitely-made Tibetan clothes and jump on the stage and take great photos with performers of Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gampo. Sounds hot?

Photo with Princess Wencheng PerformerOur client and Tibetan guide took photos with the protagonists in the musical.

Dressing in Tibetan clothes“I’m now the king and queen!” Our clients had a great fun in the theater.

The Princess Wencheng real-scene musical is shown from Monday to Sunday, at 21:30 pm. And we offer tourist-friendly ticket booking (the cheapest ticket is 380CNY/person) and easy transfer service for you to travel from downtown to the open-air theater, located in culture and tourism creative park, Cijiaolin Village, Chengguan District, Lhasa.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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