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Tibet Remains Safe: Winter Tour in Late Jan 2020

Latest Update: December,30 2020

Though the pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan in late 2019 seemed to overshadow the start of the New Year, Tibet remained the safest place for a visit to global travelers, with only one confirmed case found on Jan 25, 2020. Over the last two weeks, no new case has ever been reported so far.

The latest map shows Tibet is the least-affected region across ChinaThe latest map shows Tibet is the least-affected region across China.

Besides, the infected was not a local Tibetan but it was a 34-year-old man who was originally from Suizhou city, Hubei Province. He traveled by train to Lhasa on Jan 24, 2020. The next day, he himself came to a designated hospital for diagnosis and was soon hospitalized and quarantined. Later, he was tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. Till now (March 16, 2020), his health remained stable and was still in the isolation unit for further treatment. - Check how China was batted against Novel Coronavirus over weeks.

It was in such a special background that our last winter tour groups successfully finished their journey from Lhasa to turquoise Lake Yamdrok in 5 days. Consisting of travelers from Brazil, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the US, etc., all of them had great fun there and enjoyed a special Tibet like no one did before.

Let's take a glimpse of their adventure.

Visit the Potala Palace, the Most Iconic Building in Tibet

Our clients visiting Potala Palace

Pasang, our considerate local group leader, prepared the masks for all of our clients just for precaution. Though wearing the mask, all of them couldn't hide their smiles and excitement for visiting Potala Palace, the landmark and living history of Tibet.

Our clients visiting Potala Palace

Our clients visiting Potala PalaceOf course, never forgot to pose with Potala for the latest Instagram feed.

Dedicated Pasang our local tibet tour expert

Dedicated Pasang, our local tour expert, shared the mysterious legends and stories about Potala and Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo with our clients as they climbed the long stairs of Potala Palace.

Wearing masks climb potala palace

As you can see, most of the locals and tourists then were wearing masks suggested by the National Health Commission and traveled responsibly to others in public areas.

Photo opportunity with a local Tibetan beauty at PotalaAnother great photo opportunity with a local Tibetan beauty at the eastern courtyard of Potala.

Visit potala palace in Taowang Mountain

To avid photographers, do visit Yaowang Mountain, situated southwest to Potala Palace. It has the best vantage point for photographing Potala Palace. Interestingly, the exact look of Potala Palace from Yaowang Mountain can be found on the back of the 50-Yuan banknote.

Enjoying the Culinary Exploration in Lhasa Was also Part of the Adventure

Our clients were happily enjoying the Tibetan hotpot in a local restaurant Our clients were happily enjoying the Tibetan hotpot in a local restaurant.

Toured the Bustling Barkhor Street in Downtown Lhasa

Our clients visit Barkhor Street

Hang your auspicious prayer flags

Apart from the holy walk around and inside Jokhang Temple, making a stop at the busy streets of Barkhor gives you a chance to learn of local Tibetan life and search for delicately-made Tibetan souvenirs.

Sit with tour members for a tasty and healing sweet Tibet tea

As your head starts to spin, delve into a local tea house and sit with tour members for a tasty and healing sweet tea, another great chance to soak up the local vibes.

Toured the Prestigious Drepung Monastery, the Biggest Gelugpa Monastery in Lhasa

Enjoyed a leisurely hike in Drepung Monastery

Went to the suburb of Lhasa and enjoyed a leisurely hike in Drepung Monastery; you will be entranced by the serene view and long history of this Buddhist academy, plus a panoramic view of Kyichu Valley and Lhasa city.

Then, it was time to venture out from Lhasa.

Visited the Stunning Yarlung Tsangpo Valley

Enjoy the amazing Yarlung Tsangpo River

183 km southeast to Lhasa lies the enchanting Yarlung Tsangpo Valley. You can enjoy the amazing Yarlung Tsangpo River and enchanting countryside view there.

Hang Tibetan Prayer Flags Like a Local

Hang your auspicious prayer flags

Tibetans believe that the prayer flags, written with Buddhist mantra and hung at the mountain passes, can spread the blessings to their owners and to infinite space as the wind blows them. So, as you pass these mountain passes, not forget to hang your auspicious prayer flags and pray for your family and friends.

Enjoyed Turquoise Lake Yamdrok or A Yak Ride

Enjoy a short yak ride around the Lake Yamdrok

Enjoy a short yak ride around the Lake Yamdrok

As one of the top three holy lakes in Tibet, the turquoise Lake Yamdrok will blow your mind away for its incredible lake view. You can also pet the friendly tamed Tibetan mastiff or enjoy a short yak ride around the serene lake.

Take some inspirational photos in Lake YamdrokOr take some inspirational photos, let's say try acting like Bear Grylls, the adventurous survival master.

Finally, we, the Tibet Vista team, would like to express our sincere thanks for all of you who showed your concern and support for the current pneumonia epidemic in China. Currently, all the tour groups in China are temporarily suspended to contain the spread of novel coronavirus from Wuhan, Hubei Province.

With our medical experts working 24/7 to save the patients and quick and effective disease-control measures taken by our government, we were deeply convinced that we would win the all-out battle against the virus.

Looking forward to taking you to visit the amazing Tibet again in the near future. Please do closely follow our update and don't hesitate to tell us your needs for your upcoming Tibet tour whenever you need it.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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