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Finish 3-day Mt. Kailash Kora at the age of 82! What the story behind his Tibet tour

Latest Update: June,29 2023

Since many customers asked that can old people go to Mount Kailash, here are going to share a real story of an 82-year-old man who just finished the Kailash Kora with us.

Come to see why a man over 80 years old choose to go to Mount Kailash and how did he prepare for the trip and finish the trek around Mount Kailash.

Who’s the 82-year Old Man that Finished the Kailash Trek?

Gerhard Raab is an amiable but tough old man with the age of 82 who just back in Lhasa from Mount Kailash Kora.

He is enthusiastic about trekking and never refuses to try new things. But what makes him so determined and persistent in accomplishing the hardest Kora in Tibet? Follow us to walk into this man’s life through the interview.

Gerhard on his way to KailashGerhard at Everest Base Camp on his way to Mount Kailash

Interview with Gerhard who Finished Kailash kora at the age of 82

We were glad to be able to interview Gerhard when he returned to Lhasa from his Mount Kailash Tour. Let’s see what drove this old man to take on such a challenge, how he prepared for Mount Kailash Kora, and his trekking experience with Tibet Vista.

Q: Why do you want to take the Mount Kailash trek?

Gerhard told us that he got the idea of challenging the Kailash Kora after witnessing his friends going around the Kailash Kora and returning safely.

After his decision of going around the Kailash, he soon began to search the companies that can arrange the trip for him on the internet.

Gerhard Kailash KoraGerhard on the Kailash trek with group members

Q: What preparation did you do for this trek?

Making the heart-stirring plan of Kailash Kora in Tibet and booking the Kailash trekking tour so rapidly didn’t mean Gerhard was an improvisational person in his daily life, rather, to achieve this arduous trek, he had accepted quite a lot of training and exercises back home.

When we asked Gerhard whether he had any training or exercise in Germany before this trek, he provided an affirmative answer unhesitatingly and started to tell us how he was once obsessed with walking, running over even trekking things when he was a little bit younger.

“I walk at home most of the time and take a 12 to 14 km’s walk from my house 3 times a week. It has been a part of my daily life” Gerhard told us excitedly.

Gerhard's Kailash KoraGerhard is very fit to do the trek in Tibet.

Q: Did your family support you?

Even in good health and with daily physical training, it is a dangerous challenge for an 82-year-old man to spend three days trekking at an average altitude of around 5,000 meters (with a maximum altitude of 5,630 meters at Pass).

Luckily, Gerhard got great support from his family. Once he shared his plan with his wife, she said to him that “If you want to go that way, you must do it now, for some years later, you cannot do it anymore.”

With the family’s support, Gerhard Raab felt much more confident and resolute about what he had decided and planned to do as one of the must-do things for the rest of his life, that is, to conquer Kailash Kora.

Tibet Group TourTraveling with a group in Tibet is the safetest way for solo travelers.

Q: How do you feel after your Mount Kailash kora?

“It was a great tour, a very interesting tour, all the possibilities, I’m most content with this tour in all my life” Gerhard murmured to himself with tears twinkling in his eyes.

The pleasantness of this Kailash Kora was far beyond his expectation. “The guide and the driver are very very great.” He said with gratitude.

Kailash KoraGerhard with his travel mates and the guild

Gerhard Raab’s first long trek, the Kailash trek in Tibet, was very successful and his wishes eventually come true.

We salute him, and we can feel that after his successful challenge for the Kailash Kora, Gerhard becomes much more confident, joyful, and cheered up with a satisfactory smile on his face.

The footprints of Gerhard Raab have been left on the Kailash forever, and he will be remembered by us as well as the sacred mountains.

Travel Tips for Aged People to Mount Kailash

For those who, like Gerhard, want to accomplish their dreams of Mount Kailash kora at an advanced age, the following tips need to be confirmed.

There is no age limit for Travel Permit Application

We have received many inquiries asking whether old people can go to Kailash. The answer is YES. There is no age limit for the Tibet Travel Permit application. As long as you are in good health, have no cardiovascular disease, and can adapt to the high-altitude environment, then you can apply for Tibet travel permit at any age.

Pay Attention to High Altitude Sickness

For aged people visiting Tibet, the most important thing is to make sure whether you can afford to travel at high altitudes.

The average altitude of Tibet is above 4,000m and the trek around Mount Kailash is around 5,000 meters on average. You need to be in both physical health and mental health.

Please consult a medical professional to find out if you are physically fit to travel to Tibet.

It’s never too late to go to Kailash!

The tour guide told us that Gerhard has always been the most active one during the long trek, he packed all the things all by himself, carried his luggage without hiring a porter, and even walked very well.

Perhaps it was the stunning natural views, the kind, and interesting Tibetan people, and the challenging Kailash trek in front that made Gerhard back to his younger age and energized to try all the challenging things which we thought would be not appropriate for an old man to do, especially a man like Gerhard at the age of 82.

More Travel Photos of Gerhard's Kailash Trek

Kailash Kora

Kailash Kora

Kailash Kora

Kailash Kora

Kailash Kora

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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