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International Tourists in Tibet

Latest Update: July,06 2017

 Tibet tourTourists from all corners of the world came to Tibet

Tibet is a land filled with mystery and wonder, and can often seem like it belongs in a fiction novel to the inexperienced traveler. With thousands of attractions across the region, from compelling shows to monastic reverence, via spectacular scenery, Tibet is an inspiring experience that you will never forget.

Welcome Show and Dinner at Kawa Karpo

 Tibet tour Enjoying the welcome show & dinner at Kawa Karpo

Kawa Karpo is one of the holiest snow mountains in Tibet, and is believed to be the home of a warrior god. Sitting on the border between Tibet Autonomous Region and Yunnan, in China, it forms a part of the Three Rivers Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Early western visitors to Kawa Karpo considered it an Asian paradise, with fantastic views of the southern Yangtze River.

Video about welcome show at kawa Karpo Tibetan traditional restaurant

This group of tourists was treated to a show during dinner, which featured classic Tibetan Dance. With the body tilted forwards, and the dancers bouncing at the knee joints, the dance originates in the chore of carrying water from the distant mountain rivers back to their homes. Moreover, these energetic dancers perform their vigorous turns and jumps in traditional high-heeled boots!

Kundeling Monastery

 Tibet tour Visiting Kundeling Monastery in southwest of Lhasa

Standing outside Kundeling Monastery, in Lhasa, with their traditional khata (ceremonial scarf), these clients obviously enjoyed their visit. Founded in 1794, this Gelug monastery is headed by an abbot whose incarnations date back to the early 15th century. Kunde ling means “peaceful and happy” in Tibetan. One of the four royal temples in Lhasa, it is believed to have been built as the successor to the Yangs-can monastery, which was destroyed in 1792.

Ganden Monastery Views

 Tibet tour Bird's-eye view of Ganden Monastery

Looking down on Ganden Monastery from the neighboring hill gives an amazing birds-eye view of the first and primary Tibetan monastery of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery sits on the top of Wangbori Mountain, at an elevation of 3,800 meters. Built in the early part of the 15th century, the monastery was enshrined in a grand ceremony by Zongkapa himself, who became the first Khripa (abbot) of Ganden Monastery.

 Tibet tour Climbing up the hill to view the Ganden and sourrounding countryside

The hill beside Wangbori Mountain is strewn with prayer flags that cover almost every square foot of the summit. And while getting to the top may take a lot of effort, especially at this altitude, it is more than worth it to see the views of Ganden and the surrounding countryside, and to experience the layer upon layer of prayer flags hung there by devout Buddhists.

Everest Base Camp

 Tibet tour Visiting the Everest Base Camp

With such an amazing view of Mt. Everest from EBC, it is no wonder these clients are looking happy. The view of the famous north face of Mt. Everest from Tibet Everest Base Camp is breathtakingly spectacular, and at the right time, the photos of the mountain can be stunning. Standing at a massive 8,848 meters above sea level, the world’s highest mountain is an imposing sight when seen so close up. As one of our American clients recently told us, “The view of the North face of EBC as well as surrounding mountains was fantastic!”

 Tibet tour Felling so breathtaking while standing on the top of the world

As you stand in the Everest Base Camp, you are almost at the highest point in the world, and it is a breathtaking experience to be this close to the tallest mountain in the world. And even the camp itself is a memorable sight, with the tents, tent hostels, and prayer flags everywhere you look.

Video about Tibetan yaks carring supplies to the mountaineers

Moreover, these clients had a rare opportunity to film a Tibetan yak caravan, carrying supplies to the mountaineers that were preparing their climb of Everest. Yak caravans are a unique sight in Tibet, and the yaks are uniquely adapted to the high altitudes due to higher red blood cell counts than normal cows. This allows them to absorb more of the scarce oxygen into the bloodstream, enabling them to travel at ease in the higher altitudes.

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Hear What Our Clients Say

A tour to Tibet is an amazing experience you will never forget. But do not take our word for it; listen to what our clients had to say about their own tours.

Video about client's review about his Tibetan tour

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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