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Why Ganden Kora is Our Tibet Vista Clients' Favorite Day Trek for an Extended Lhasa Tour?

Latest Update: June,29 2023

Have you still been indecisive or searching blindly on the internet about where to challenge a medium level kora with just one day trek and the casual wear since the Nangkhor or Barkhor kora fails to get your attention? Or if you are travelling with your family members who are longing for a real trek but some of them have troubles in altitudinal adaption in most of the kora routes such as Namtso Lake Kora during Lhasa tour. Then, just follow us to meet Ganden Kora - an amazing small-scaled kora and best day trek in Lhasa.

Ganden Kora with a comparatively lower elevation of 3,800 m is located around the Ganden Monastery (one of the "great four" Gelug Monasteries in Tibet and located 57 km away or one and a half hours' drive from Lhasa in Dagze county on the top of the Wangbur mountain) at the south bank of the Lhasa River. It is unanimously regarded as the birth place of Gelugpa monasteries, and naturally, the Ganden Monastery constructed by Tsongkhapa, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism Dgelugpa, in 1409 becomes an eminent pilgrimage site which attracts millions of visitors each year. In addition, Ganden Kora which has been widely chosen as the best day-trek by locals or most visitors not only for its religious status but the amazing day trek in all its splendor. Though a little bit small scale for a trek, we can assure you that the magnificent on-the-way sights are surprisingly breathtaking than you have ever imagined and if you are stunned unprepared by what you have explored, don’t forget to take a free-position photo as a souvenir.

Ganden Kora

Follow the high-lights listed below to know more about Ganden Kora:
1. Enjoy the magnificence of Ganden Monastery building complex on Kora Mountain.
2. Burning the aromatic plants along the kora road or on the mountain top.
3. Get the full view of the stunning braided Lhasa Kyi-chu valley as well as China National High Way 318.
4. Do the Ganden Kora by climbing the mountains with prayer flags hung from the Monastery straight to the mountain top.
5. Appreciate the view of the seemingly approaching undulating snow-capped mountains.
6. The zigzag road stretching to Ganden Monastery.

Full View of Ganden Monastery Building

Burning aromatic plants (such as pine twigs and cypress twigs) with some glutinous rice on the way to the mountain top has always been a custom for locals and also served as an effective way to worship the god and pray for blessings.

Burning Aromatic Plants

Burning Aromatic Plants on the way to the mountain top

The Burning Aromatic Plants

With stunning braided Lhasa Kyi-chu valley as well as China National High Way 318 laying quietly underneath, why not take a deep breath and record this magnificent sight filled with vast spaces and endless roads? Take a temporary break and recover yourself.

Lhasa Kyi-chu valley

Take a temporary break and recover yourself

Prayer flags hung by locals are everywhere on the mountain, making Ganden Kora much more religiously featured.

Prayer flags

Prayer flags hung everywhere on the mountain

Prayer flags on the kora way

Unlike most of the winding mountain roads in Tibet, the zigzag road snaking to the Ganden Monastery is just like a hidden dragon stretching out its body and crawling upward to the mountain top, making it harmoniously integrated with the background. Don’t be too excited and watch your steps since the kora road condition in this section seems to be a little bit steep.

Zigzag Road

Zigzag Road Snaking to the Ganden Monastery

Besides the highlights we listed above, the kora road itself is interesting and suitable for all most all the visitors travelling in Lhasa - crossing the mountain which is covered by green grass, enjoying the trekking by exploring different kind of roads, having intimate contact with local animals. It’s natural that Ganden trek is widely regarded as the best day trek in Lhasa.

Mountain covered by Green Grass

Crossing the Mountain

Climbing Mountain

Have a Contact with Animals

Contact with Animals

Insider tips:
1. View of Ganden Monastery building complex from the mountain top is much more magnificent.
2. Ganden kora path is actually a gravel-paved road with constant ups and downs, so mind your steps when you get excited.
3. Prepare some aromatic plants together with some glutinous rice in advance and burn them in the incense burner along the road or on top of the mountain.
4. Don’t forget to bring the sun cream and a sun glass, for the sunlight on the mountain is a little bit strong.
5. Bottles of water are fully recommended to be packed before you do the day trek since it is very hard to get the drinking water along the kora way.

So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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