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Why You Should Add Tibet on Your Ultimate Bucket List Experience

Latest Update: July,04 2017

 Travel to Tibet Add Tibet on Your Ultimate Bucket List Experience

We all have a bucket list – that ever important list of things we really want to do before we go. And people’s bucket lists include all kinds of things, from bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower to surfing in the Bermuda Triangle. One place that should be on anyone’s bucket list, however, is Tibet. With the views of its high, snow-capped mountains, beautiful, turquoise-colored lakes, and amazing religion and culture, Tibet is the land where adventure comes alive. So how could anyone not add Tibet to their bucket list?

Aerial View of Stunning Potala

  Potala Palace Group photo in front of Potala Palace

Potala Palace is one of the most revered buildings in Tibet. This 17th century UNESCO World Heritage Site was the former residence of the Dalai Lama, and now remains as his winter palace. Sitting atop Moburi (Red Hill), the palace looks down on the town of Lhasa from its 3,750-meter vantage point. The temple dates back to the 7th century, and houses artifacts and works of art from throughout Tibetan History.

Video about Trip to Mount Everest and Mount Kailash from Lhasa

The palace also contains the gilded burial stupas of the past Dalai Lamas, and below ground lies the ancient meditation cave of the 33rd King of Tibet. The aerial view in the video shows the sheer majesty of the palace, and gives one an excellent view of its golden roofs.

Fervent Prostration at Jokhang Palace

Video about prostration at Jokhang Palace

Another major UNESCO World Heritage Site within Lhasa is Jokhang Temple. The primary seat of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism - built by the 33rd King of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo, in 647AD - it is the spiritual center of Tibet and the holiest temple in Tibetan Buddhism. Inside sits the most precious object in the temple, a life-sized statue of Buddha Sakyamuni when he was just 12 years old. Adorned with many precious gems, this gilded statue is the most sacred object in Tibet.

 Jokhang Temple Group photo in Jokhang Temple

Outside the temple, almost every day, you can see people prostrating themselves before the gates, and indeed, all the way along the front. Prostration in Tibetan Buddhism is a gesture used to show reverence to sacred and venerated objects and sites. Moreover, as you walk through the temple’s ancient halls, you can almost feel the history behind this sacred site.

Mind-blowing Treks

 Trekking in Tibet Trekking in Tibet is fascinating and inspiring

Trekking in Tibet offers some of the most stupendous views in the world. The experiences when trekking in Tibet are both fascinating and inspiring, from treks along broad valleys full of barley fields, to the great yak pastures of the Changtang Grasslands. Treks can also include climbs into deep gorges, walks across arid, high-altitude deserts, and up to the high mountains and glaciers of the mighty Himalayan Mountain Range.

 Kailash trekking Kora around holy Mt. Kailash

One of the most amazing treks in the world is the one that follows the kora around holy Mt. Kailash. Mount Kailash is the holiest site in Tibetan Buddhism, as well as being a sacred site for Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. Tibetans believe that it was on this mountain that the prophet, Milarepa, defeated the Bon magician, to raise Buddhism as the main religion in Tibet. The trek around the holy kora of Mt. Kailash is a hard, 3-day trek that crosses rivers and passes glaciers, and takes you to the heights of the Dolma-la Pass, at 5,630 meters above sea level.

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Gorgeous Yamdrok Lake

 Travel to Tibet Turquoise-colored Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is just one of the many lakes found all over Tibet. These high altitude lakes can be either saline or freshwater, and all have a major significance in Tibet, in both religion and culture. Yamdrok is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet, and this fan-shaped lake is a site of major importance in Tibetan Buddhism. Devout Buddhists walk around the lake’s kora every year, taking almost a month to complete the journey.

 Travel to Tibet Group photo at Yamdrok Lake

One of the best views of Lake Yamdrok is from the top of a nearby mountain pass, which gives you an excellent vista of the lake, which is over 70km long. The lake is also home to hundreds of species of birds, who nest on the islands out in the lake. Surrounded by high mountains, the lake sparkles like a holy sapphire in the sunlight, evoking feelings pf peace and serenity.

Why Choose Tibet?

With its stunning lakes, mighty mountains, and unique culture, there are thousands of reasons why you should choose Tibet as a must-go destination. But if that is not enough for you, then how about listening to what our clients have had to say about it. Our customer service manager recently interviewed one British client after his tour, and here is what he had to say:

Video about tour review from a British client

“For me, I think from landing at the airport, going to the hotel, and doing the whole trip, it's been great. I am very, very happy.

The guide is being amazing. We had Tenzin for our guide, and every step, when we go to the monasteries, when we are going for food, he knew so much about the country, any question we need to ask, he answered all the time. He was able to help us and was an amazing guide, a very nice person.

Great, I mean well, of course, a journey like this we have to be in our bus quite a lot. We do a lot of travelling. If we need to stop, or we have to say something to Tenzin, to the guide, when we want to take photos, all we have to do is to ask. Very, very accommodating, an excellent guide.

For the accommondation, no. I mean I am living in China, so I think maybe for some foreigners coming in, it may be a shock, because of course, accommodation can be very different in their native countries. For me, it was fine. Maybe with the itinerary, I know a few of us, I think maybe introduce some more cultural aspects, we saw some videos of traditional dancing, things like this. Seeing monasteries is very good, and of course, coming to Tibet, is important. But I think maybe we can have a mix, so if you put a couple of more traditional aspects of Tibetan culture, I think people would appreciate this a lot.

For me it's just amazing. It's been a lifelong dream to come here, it's always being a dream to see Mount Everest. So for me, I love every minute. Everybody has been so nice, so helpful, a wonderful place.”

Convinced yet? Come and talk to us, and let us organize your tour too.

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So if you’re ready to a Lifetime Tour to Tibet, our dedicated and professional teams are expecting you in Tibet! Please feel free to reach us, sharing your great ideas. We would like to offer the most useful Tibet tour advice, For Free!

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