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A Visit to Snowy Yamdrok Lake

Latest Update: July,25 2017

 Visit Yamdrok Lake The snowy Yamdrok Lake

Around three hours drive southwest of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, lies one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. 130 kilometers long and 70 kilometers broad, Lake Yamdrok, at 4,441 meters above sea level, is the largest inland lake on the northern range of the Himalayas.

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Late Spring Snow

Even in May, the lake can still be surrounded by snow, and the white landscape makes for a spectacular view from the flat viewing platform that looks out over the main expanse of the lake. While winter is already over, the thaws come late in the year in the southern part of Tibet, near the Himalayas. Yamdrok is a lake that is fed by the snow thaws from the surrounding mountains.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Photo at the snowy Lake Yamdrok

When traveling from Lhasa to Shigatse, and vice versa, there are two routes you can take. And while the route we take is longer and has a toll on the road, it is the visit to Lake Yamdrok that makes the extra time and distance worthwhile. Stopping by the picturesque Lake Yamdrok is all part of the service we give to ensure our clients have the best trip possible.

Legends of Lake Yamdrok

Lake Yamdrok is believed to be a fairy maiden that came down to the plateau, and became Yamdrok Lake. Legend says it was originally nine separate lakes, and the maiden threw 7 liang of gold into the air, turning the nine lakes into one, that bore a resemblance to the shape of the handheld iron scorpion of Padmasambhava.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Shimmering, turquoise water of Yamdrok Lake glistening in the sun

Undoubtedly, the scenery of the lake when surrounded by snow is breathtaking, and all you can do is stand still and gaze at the beauty in front of you. With its shimmering, turquoise waters glistening in the sun, the lake is almost magical.

Photo Opportunity

When you stop at the lakeside, you will find many locals offering you photo opportunities with their yaks, lambs, and Tibetan mastiffs. These beautiful dogs are a huge part of Tibetan life and culture, and are normally used to guard the family and herds of the nomadic herdsmen.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Took a funny photo at Yamdrok Lake

The mastiffs are often dressed up in specially designed clothing with a wide ruff around the neck made of yak hair, and known as a kekhor. Photos with the yaks and dogs cost around 5CNY per person, and you can take as many pictures as you like.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Group photo with Tibetan mastiffs

Yamdrok in Summer

As beautiful as the lake is in winter, surrounded by snow and white-peaked mountains, it is just as spectacular in the summer months, when the snows are gone and the landscape returns to its natural colors.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Yamdrok in Summer is as beautiful as it is in Winter

The lake is stunningly beautiful at any time of the year, and in the summer months you can really see the shimmering colors of the lake, as the rays of the sun change its deep turquoise colors into a rainbow of different shades. It gives another opportunity to get some amazing photos of the lake in all its beauty, and it makes an excellent backdrop for those priceless album photos.

Yamdrok’s Added Extras

And there is more to Lake Yamdrok than initially meets the eye. It is the largest habitat in southern Tibet for migrating birds. When the birds arrive from the north, they cover the shores of the lake with their nests, and the small islands that dot the lake are similarly covered.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Took a photo at the lakeshore of Yamdrok

Yamdrok Lake is famous for its fish, mainly the genus Gymnocypris przewalskii, often known in the west as the “scaleless carp”. The lake is reported to hold around 800 million kilograms of these fish, and fish farming is growing, making the lake the “fish treasure of Tibet”.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Pastureland on the bank of Yamdrok Lake

On the banks of the lake are some of the best pastureland in the area, and a large peninsula extends out from the west end of the lake, with a small village lying at its heart. The air-dried bacon produced there is a specialty in the region.

 Visit Yamdrok Lake Joyful to capture the memorable moment at Yamdrok Lake

The lake is also the home of one of the world’s leading hydro-electric power stations, which was built between the lake and the Yarlung Zangbo River. With a 6,000-meter long pumping channel, the station generates over 90,000 kilowatts of electricity every day.

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