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2017 Tibetan Shoton Festival Celebrated in Lhasa from August 21 to 27

August,23 2017 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

With the theme of “Beautiful Home•Happy Lhasa”, 2017 Tibetan Shoton Festival will be celebrated in Lhasa City from August 21st to 27th. In addition to the opening ceremony, Buddha exhibition, Tibetan opera performances, Namtso trekking and other traditional events, some new activities will be organized to enrich the festive cultural life of locals and enhance the participation of tourists, like Lhasa Shoton carnival, equestrian performances, photography exhibition, “online Shoton” promotion, etc. Here we have made a checklist of top ten big events in Lhasa Shoton Festival for your reference.

Shoton FestivalShoton Festival will be Celebrated from August 21 to 27

1. 2017 Lhasa Shoton Opening Ceremony

Though the combination of traditional ethnic culture and high tech knowledge, the theme of “Beautiful Home • Happy Lhasa” will be fully unfolded before your eyes. In this grandeur opening ceremony, tourists can enjoy the traditional Tibetan dancing and singing performance and witness the great achievements in Tibet tourism and economy.
Time: on the evening of August 21
Location: Basketball Hall in Lhasa Masses Culture and Sports Center

2. Shoton Festival Buddha Exhibition

In accordance of traditional Shoton customs, the giant Thangkas of Buddha will be exhibited at Drepung and Sera Monastery on early morning of August 21st. In this exciting Buddha exhibition festival, tourists will appreciate the elaborate Thangka revealed on the platforms in Sera and Drepung Monastery. It’s so astonishing to watch the faithful locals throw countless Hada to holy Thangka and pray for the peace and prosperity.
Time: on the morning of August 21
Location: Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery

3.Tibetan Opera Performance

Originating in the late 17th century, the traditional opera show has been popular among the whole Tibet Autonomous Region for its touching voice, wonderful monologue, magical masks, fabulous costumes and vigorous movement. It’s designed to build the exchange platform for all sects of Tibetan opera and constantly improve overall level of opera performances. Tourists are strongly suggested to watch opera shows at Norbulingka and Zongjiao Lukang Park
Time: August 21 - 27
Location: Norbulingka and Zongjiao Lukang Park

Shoton FestivalTibetan Opera Performance

4. Investment Attraction Signing Ceremony

Taking advantage of 2017 Shoton Festival, it’s aimed to advocate the key investment-attraction projects and further promote the development of characteristic industries in Lhasa City.
Time: on the afternoon of August 21
Location: InterContinental Lhasa Paradise

5.Namtso Trekking Competition

Some domestic cultural celebrities, hikers and travel enthusiasts will be invited to participate in the great trekking around holy Namtso Lake. The whole event consists of two parts: easy walking and 10-kilometer-long trekking competition. You can not only enjoy the breathtaking scenery around Namtso Lake and Nyainqentangla Mountains but also experience the traditional folk activities. To some extent, it will arouse people’s awareness of environmental protection and enhance the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Tibet.
Time: August 20 - 25
Location: Namtso Lake, Dangxiong County

6. Photography Exhibition

As the first event of 2017 Shoton Festival, this photo exhibition will last from July 26 to August 26 at Tibetan Yak Museum. Here you’ll get the chance to appreciate the artistic works from six provinces of southwest China, namely, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing, Tibet. And it’s really a great chance to dive into local culture and folk life.
Time: July 26 - August 26
Location: Tibet Yak Museum

7.Traditional Equestrian Performances

In 2017 Tibet Shoton Festival, you will feast your eyes on various kinds of equestrian performance, like dancing, shooting arrow, picking up Hada, making a human pyramid, etc. The highlight is that all the shows will be performed on the back of horse.
Time: on the morning of August 23
Location: Racecourse in north suburb of Lhasa

Shoton FestivalShooting arrow on the horse back

8.“Online Shoton” Promotion - A New-media Promotion Activity

Through all sorts of new media platforms, the relevant promotional activities have been carried out to broaden promotion channel and further enhance the popularity of Shoton Festival, including an award-winning quiz, a call for papers, photo contest, etc.

9. Lhasa Trade Fair

Wanna explore the local goods and market? Then you shouldn’t miss out this trade fair in Lhasa. Here you can enjoy a happy shopping and it’s also a golden chance for local merchants to promote sales of specialties, souvenirs, accessories, cars and houses,
Time: August 20 - 27
Location: Lhasa Masses Culture and Sports Center

10.Happy Shoton Week - “Yogurt · Beer · Food · Music”

During the hilarious Tibetan Shoton week, the outstanding ethnic music band, singing and dancing performance troupe, and Tibetan opera performing team will be invited to Lhasa Sports Center to entertain the mass. Tourists can also take part in the interesting competitions of eating yoghurt, drinking beer, cooking food, etc.
Time: August 22 - 28
Location: Lhasa Masses Culture and Sports Center

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