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Nyingchi Lulang International Tourist Town Has Began Its Trial Operation on Oct.1st, 2016

October,08 2016 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Lulang, known as the" Switzerland of the Orient", has become especially enchanting during the National Day holidays. With colorful flags fluttering in the winds, the festival happy atmosphere pervades every corner. Constructed by Guangdong Province and Tibet Autonomous Region, Nyingchi Lulang international tourist town has turned to be a highlight of Tibet tour and started the trial operation on October 1st,2016.

Nyingchi Lulang International Tourist Town
Nyingchi Lulang International Tourist Town has been open to public on Oct.1st,2016.

Lulang means“Long King Valley” in Tibetan language, or “a place that will make you forget your home”. At an average altitude of 3,385 meters, Lulang town has a total area of 2,516.9 square kilometers, and its annual average temperature is around 12℃. About 80 km from Nyingchi County, it is located by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which extends eastwards to Sichuan via Bome and westwards to Lhasa across Bayi.

As Nyingchi eco-tour town, Lulang is the core area of Gongbu culture, which remains Tibetan ethnic customs and Gongbu folk activities. Meanwhile, it's also home to various kinds of tourism resources, such as glaciers, canyons, lakes, wetlands, mountains, pastures, forests and so on.

Tibetan Architecture
Tibetan architecture in Nyingchi Lulang International Tourist Town

Lulang town in Nyingtri has fully retained Tibetan architectural style, like wood roofs, wooden fences and yards. Tourists also can find other regional styles here, including stone houses, Tibetan monastery architectures, etc.

Taking the whole landscape as the background, Lulang international tourist town has made full use of the natural scenery, existing streams, snow mountains and bustling villages. Each functional area goes well with the great nature. It has set an excellent example in tourist town construction.

Lulang in Tibet
Our clients payed a visit to the primary school in Lulang town.

Nyingchi in autumn is colorful and gorgeous, offering you a feeling of jollification. Under the blue sky, multicolor forests stretch hundreds of miles away. And greens, browns, yellows and reds interweave with each other. When the soft breeze stirs the leaves, it seems like thousands of butterflies dancing together. Besides, flocks of sheep are ranging over the grassland leisurely. When touring Nyingchi, visitors can go with local farmers and herdsmen to experience authentic Tibetan life like mowing the grass, feeding the horses, etc.

Nyingchi Stone Pot Chicken
Our clients are enjoying the delicious Nyingchi stone pot chicken.

Jointly created by the nature and builders, Lulang international tourist town has perfectly combined the characteristic architectures with natural landscape, and lived up to its reputation as "fantasy city".

Lobsang Tsering

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