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Cultural heritage gets legal protection


China is stepping up its protection of the country's intangible Tibet cultural heritage. The latest milestone is the country's first law for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, or ICH. The legal protection took effect on Wednesday, June 1st.

China's Ministry of Culture held a press conference centered around the legal protection of China's intangible cultural heritage. 

Statistics show that China has 1,028 state-level ICH items and 1,488 state-level representative heirs. The country's total ICH resources amount to nearly 870,000 items. Experts say many of China's ICH items are on the verge of disappearing, as a result of the country's swift economic development and a lack of protective laws.

The country's first law on the protection of intangible cultural heritage was approved in February by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. According to the law, the State Council and provincial governments must create lists of representative ICH for both national and local levels. The law rules that governments at all levels will assist with ICH preservation efforts in ethnic minority areas, remote areas and poverty-stricken areas.

The law also states that foreign organizations and individuals people travel to Tibet, before conducting surveys of ICH, will be required to first obtain approval from cultural authorities that are at least on the provincial level. Foreign organizations and individuals must submit their research reports along with copies of on-site data and pictures during the survey.

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