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Gyirong Port, a New Overland Gateway from Tibet to Nepal after the Tragic Earthquake, Finally Opened to Foreign Tourists

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Gyirong- Port

Gyirong (Jilong) Port

In the wake of tragic Nepalese earthquake on April,25th this year, the Zhangmu border, one of the vital business routes linking Tibet with Nepal, suffered horrendous damage. For quite a while, the overland route from Tibet to Nepal had been completely cut off. Though the Arniko Highway was restored on Aug,5th through tremendous disaster-relief efforts from both two countries, it showed no sign that the reopening of Zhangmu border was near in sight in the short run.

The current situation

Most of the infrastructure was severely crippled by monstrous earthquake

On the both side of Zhangmu border, the majority of the local residents were evacuated but the shortage of food supply along the way remained. The current rainy season in Nepal further complicated the ordeal. Theoretically, even if it was likely for vehicle to travel. Yet given the rough topography and unsteady road situation, it was quite risky and unwise to travel now. Do use your discretion and not listen to the rumor to venture into Zhangmu border at the cost of your life.

A new friendship bridge around Gyirong Port

Currently, the Chinese residents of Zhangmu town were relocated to temporary makeshift settlement. The official estimate from Zhangmu border suggested the full recovery of Zhangmu border was expected to come in two years while Gyirong (Jilong) Port, another important gateway from Tibet to Nepal, was very likely to open in Oct. Now, the best way to travel from Tibet to Nepal and vice versa is through flight.

For the latest information, please watch Tibet Vista’s exclusive interview with Mr. Ram, a seasoned Nepalese tour operator, on Nepal Travel after Earthquake.


About Gyirong (Jilong) Port
Served as one of the essential gateways bridging China and Nepal, Gyirong (Jilong) Port lies in the Gyirong county, Shigatse prefecture, to the south of Mt. Himalaya. Gyirong Port, separated by adjacent mountains, is fairly close to Zhangmu border. Meanwhile, it is extremely close to reach the heart of Nepal from Gyirong Port, with only around 85 kms’ drive. Traditionally, Gyirong port acts as the major business hub on the border of China and Nepal, sustaining the constant flow of political, economic and cultural exchange.
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