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Tibetan wildlife number soars in Changtang nature reserve

With Nagqu Environmental Protection Bureau’s great efforts, Tibetan wildlife number soars in Changtang nature reserve. The number of endangered Tibetan antelope and wild Tibetan donkey in the Changtang Nature Reserve in northern Tibet have respectively restored to a satisfactory amount of 150,000 and 100,000 so far, according to an official of the Nagqu Environmental Protection Bureau. Tibetan antelope and wild Tibetan donkey are both under state's first-class protection.


Tibetan antelope
Tenzin Tsering, deputy director of Nagqu Environmental Protection Bureau, said a total of 27 million yuan has been invested in protecting and saving the wildlife in the Changtang Nature Reserve by setting up observation stations, adding more patrol teams and purchasing advanced monitoring equipments.
Lying in the main part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an elevation above 5,000 meters, the Changtang Nature Reserve triples the height of the Mt. Tai, one of China's top ten mountains.
As China's biggest nature reserve with an area of 298,000 square meters, the grassland breeds over 1,000 kinds of wild animals, including at least 40 types of state's first and second class protection animals.
Tibetan wild  donkey
"We're also glad to see that the number of wild Tibetan yaks has increased to 9,000," Tenzin Tsering added.
Statistics show that more than ten thousand Tibetan antelopes were killed each year in the large-scale poaching between 1970s and 1990s because of chasing the high economic return of cashmere, resulting in a sharp decrease of number from one million before 1970 to 50,000 in the late 1990s.
In recent year, illegal gangs involved in poaching and smuggling have been seriously smashed.
Tibetan antelope
"People's awareness of protecting Tibetan antelope has enhanced thanks to the government's wide publicization and huge investment," said Tenzin Tsering.
He pointed out that the protection of Tibetan antelope was on the top agenda of the Changta Nature Reserve work.
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