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As we all know, all foreign travellers are required to have a valid China Visa with Tibet Travel Permit to enter and tour Tibet. Since Mt. Kailash is located in the remote Ali and is the restricted area in Tibet, the travel permit application for Mt. Kailash tour is far more complicated.

Apart from the Tibet Entry Permit , issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, there are another three kind of permits required for tourists who want to visit Mt. Kailash, including Alien’s travel Permit, Foreign affairs permit, and Military permit, which are issued by different part of government. And you can only obtain all the travel permits from a Tibet local authorized tour company by making all your travel arrangement with them. Tibet Vista( can arrange all the travel permits and Tibet tour for you.

As Mt. Kailash is also a holy place for Hinduism in India, thousands of Indian pilgrims will make their spiritual journey to Kailash every year. However, their permit formalities are different from other foreign nationalities. There are only a handful of authorized companies that operate the Kailash tour for Indian pilgrims and obtain the related travel permits, as Indian pilgrims  are only allowed for the Kailash region and not for other areas of Tibet.

Mt. Kailash is a holy place for Hinduism in India

Indians as well as non-Indians need Chinese Visa for entering Tibet. For Tibet only group visa is issued by the Chinese Authority. If you want to know more information about how to apply for Chinese Visa, please click Tibet Visa for Indian Passport for details.

Generally, 15 days ahead is needed when applying for the Tibet Travel Permit for a regular Tibet tour, while 25 days ahead is required for total three different permits to Mt. Kailash. So, it is highly recommened to book the kailash tour and send us all the required documents as early as possible, otherwise your permit application will be simply rejected due to late submission.

Of coursre, if you enter Tibet from Nepal, you can refer to how to get Tibet Travel Permit and Chinese Visa from Kathmandu to Lhasa for more information.

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