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Chase My Dream, I Finally Made It to EBC from Xi’an

Why travel to Tibet?? As simple as that, it was my dream!!Finally I have decided to go Tibet alone after so many year of dreaming.

I had been reading a lot of articles, travel blogs and stories through TV and movies. Tibet is so beautiful, very unique culture, challenging environment and mystery.

Tibetan Prayer Flags in Lhasa

Seen it in the movie, TV right? I have touched it in Tibet!

Incredible Mt. Everest Panorama Seen at EBC.

You have to see it by yourself, then you will understand how it attracts millions of people. The Peak - Qomolangma, Mount Everest (8844.43m)

How I Planned My Tibet Tour?

It took me about 6 months to plan for my trip.

Online survey for flight tickets (www.skyscanner.com.sg), for the good airline with best price. Book my hotel (www.agoda.com) which considered price and the location. Hotel must near to the Xian, China train station and shuttle bus service to airport. Lucky the location also near to the local bus station which I can visit to Xian’s must-visit tourist attraction ‘Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum’

Visa! I need two Visa!! China Visa and Tibet Visa (or Tibet travel permit)!! Thanks to Travel agent who help me go through the full process!

Train ticket? Yes. It took me 33hrs from Xian to Lhasa! That was a trick to buy the ticket successfully. It’s really difficult to buy the ticket which demand always much higher than supply! There are limited seat. Again thanks to Tibet Vista’s travel agent to secure the ticket for me. Then, I was taking flight from Lhasa back to Xian. It was arranged by Tibet vista as well. Reasonable flight ticket price as I have checked online. Check the Tibet train schedules and fares to Lhasa.

My luggage in soft sleeper cabin

My bed in train cabin, soft seat, for 33 hours, oxygen is supplied. Do not bring too much luggage. Safe your energy for enjoy the scenery.

Oxygen controller in the train

We in the train... I can’t be imaging the soldiers (alone) solute to each train during that kind of weather and location! He is telling use ‘Safe to go, have a nice trip!!’.

Frozen landscape on Tibet Plateau

Suddenly, snow around railway when above 4500m above sea level!

Do not worry about your long drive of 33 hours in train. It was a pleasure for me. I met new friends in my cabin, talking to them and share my story as well. Also, you will enjoy superb and nice scenery from train. There is snow during June (summer) when we travel as higher that 4500m above sea level. Oxygen is supplied in the train!! Unforgettable experience.

It is safer to travel in Tibet with travel agency. There are locations which I am not used to it: high altitude, low oxygen level, higher ultra-violet sunlight and difficult to find water most of the place outside Lhasa city. I had arranged my trip without any issue with the agency before I went there. Thanks to Tibet vista.

Comfortable and safe shuttle bus for 7days in Tibet...7 CCTVs in bus!! Also recording voices!!

Really need skill and good vehicle It’s raining!

One of the hotel in Tibet we were staying, 4 star. Nice!

Because of this we come.

All were ready! It was time to align everything. Schedule my trip which aligned with the cheaper airline tickets, tour company available timing and training ticket from Xian to Lhasa. It was a long planning to finalize everything. Worth it!!

My brief Tibet tour itinerary as below.

Friday, June 16, 2017 flight fr Spore Changi 1705, reach Xi'an
2235 Saturday, June 17, 2017 Train 33hours fr Xian to Lhasa
Sunday, June 18, 2017: arrive in Lhasa, transfer to hotel to check in
Monday, June 19, 2017: Lhasa sightseeing
Tuesday, June 20, 2017: Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse
Wednesday,June 21, 2017: Shgiatse-EBC
Thursday, June 22, 2017: EBC-Shgiatse
Friday, June 23, 2017: Shgiatse-Lhasa; June 24: leave Tibet
Saturday, June 24, 2017 Flight fr Lhasa to Xi'an
Sunday, June 25, 2017 flight fr Xi'an 2335, reach Spore next day 0530

Thanks to my very very good and helpful tour guide who has made sure we all are safe all the time. Sorry I forgot this name!!

Also I need thank Cindy who did a very good job in coordinating and guide me through the process: select tour package, prepare for visa, book train and flight ticket and making payment.

I reached Lhasa on 18 June 2019. Tibet’s very different culture, religion, super nice landscape, kind and helpful people and tradition have touches my heart.

Tashilhunpo monastery. Just shoot with you camera phone, all are post card quality. Super nice!

Nice right?! Just normal camera. Yamdrok Lake, freshwater lake, 4441m above sea level

Strong, ‘useful’ Yak!

Seen from the train, wild yaks

Nice scenery around Tibet. Worth it! Just take your camera and shoot!

Potala palace!!

It’s me with local kids. I have contributed three pcs – Tibetan Prayer Flags

Just around us.

To handle the high altitude sickness, the Chinese medicine ‘hongjintian’ will help a lot. You have to take it 3months before your trip. It will boost up your red cell capacity to carry oxygen which help you to overcome the high altitude sickness.

All the important guidance is ready for reading on Tibet travel advice page. You must spare time to read it before you go! It very very useful. Must read it.

I recommend some food or dishes which you may try.

Real local food Tibetan noodle, simple and nice.

Famous shop 阿罗仓 lamb chop

Alcohol 1%!

Have to try right?!

Surprised?! Many pubs in Lhasa city.

They drink warm beer! Waitress looked at me when I asked for ice.

Tibet yogurt!

Conclusion: Must visit Tibet once in your lifetime. Select a good agent like Tibet vista will 100% reduce all your risk or worries. Must Go!!

Area for improvement: Toilet!

Toilet at Everest base camp, EBC. After this, I appreciate what I have in my country

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