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Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet

Since the first group of Europeans set their foot in isolated Tibet in early 18th century, the aura of mystery surrounding Tibet has never failed to draw adventurous souls. As the center of adventure, the treks to Everest regions remain the Holy Grail for global explorers. With thin air and eye-blinding sunlight, be prepared to have waves of adrenaline rush when trekking below the towering ice pinnacles at an elevation of 5800m or moving carefully amid the ridges of the treacherous Himalayan peaks; Still you won’t miss the joyful chat with Tibetan shepherds and Sherpas via the help of our guide and cherish teamwork spirits to pitch camps and cook delicious food beside gushing brook in Gama valleys, etc. You adventure via treks on the spine of the world will prove to be your greatest feat in your lifetime.

As the award-winning EBC tour operator in Tibet, Tibet Vista has run a EBC tour for more than 10 years, including both classic Lhasa to EBC tour by tour vehicle and EBC trek. Years of EBC tour running experience and a team of Tibet travel gurus give us the know how to help you customize EBC trek, exactly right for you. By putting our clients first, we have systemic procedures to guarantee our client’s safety while taking you to enjoy the world-class trek in Himalayan regions. From Tibet Permit application to transfer and accommodation in Tibet, we promise to offer you a hassle-free and mesmerizing trek on the roof of the world.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

Why Trek to Everest Base Camp with Us?

Award-winning EBC tour operator by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Tibet

With more than 10 years’ EBC tour experience, without an accident

Only Tibet tour operator offering EBC trek, ABC trek, Gama Valley trek in Everest Region in Tibet

Safety Guarantee: First-aid device; emergency plan; friendly care throughout the tour

24/7 call service and client service center in Lhasa

A team of around 50 Tibet Travel unlock the true beauty of Everest

Provide quality trekking gears, private chief, yak caravan and other backup services

Promote eco-trek and responsible travel in Tibet

Classic Everest Base Camp Trek Itineraries in Tibet Side

Unlike obstructed view of Mt. Everest seen in Nepal, EBC trek in Tibet allows tourists to enjoy the mind-blowing vista of Mt. Everest and top 5 lofty peaks along Himalayas with wide open view. Tibet Vista is the only EBC tour operator running multiple EBC treks in Tibet. From world-class trek to EBC (5200m) to ultimate ABC (6100-6500m) trek and enticing trek in Gama Valley in eastern slope of Mt. Everest, the scope of adventure in Everest regions is unlimited. Check the right trek route for you below.

Most Common Questions about Tibet Everest Base Camp Trekking

1. What is the best season to do EBC Trek in Tibet?

Answer: The best time to trek from Tingri to EBC includes April to May, early June and Sept to mid Oct. Especially, during April to May and Sept. to mid-Oct, you will enjoy the best visibility in Everest Region. The monsoon season comes in Tibet in mid-June and lasts till the end of August. It’s a time when sudden rain and hail occur intermittently. However, rarely will you see downpour in Tibet for days and weeks.

2. What to pack for EBC trek?

Answer: In fact, the dramatic temperature change between day and night and changeable weather mark the climate of Tibet. Apart from trekking gears like trekking poles, sleeping bag, tents, compass, etc. both water proof trousers and down filled jacket are a must. Besides, the following items are also recommended: lightweight long underwear top, short-sleeved shirts, waterproof breathable jacket & pants, running shoes/hiking boots, socks, gloves, hats, camera, sunglasses, sun-screen, lip balms, sleeping bag, toiletries, some personal medicine (altitude sickness, cold relief, etc.) . Do pay special attention to powerful UV light and strong wind in Tibet. Well, travel light is a great option given the long trek at extreme altitude. If you don’t have a good stamina, do hire yak caravan with your friends.

3. What travel documents are needed for EBC trek?

Answer: Basically, apart from Tibet Travel Permit, you need Alien’s Travel Permit. Our travel consultants will help you get all of the necessary before departure. If you want to challenge yourself to trek to ABC, you need to have trekking permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau as well.

4. Is there an age limit for EBC trek?

Answer: Well, theoretically all physically strong and healthy tourists are qualified for EBC trek. However, for elderly tourists (age above 60), we suggest you choosing the classic Lhasa to EBC tour by tour vehicle. The biggest challenge would be the long trek, thin air and your acclimatization to changeable weather on the plateau.

5. What about the accommodation facilities during EBC trek?

Answer: The first part of the trip, you will stay travel from Lhasa to Shigatse and Tingri. You can spend the night in hotels. From day 1 trek from Tingri, we are expected to camp out in the wilderness. On the day 4, we will arrive in Ronbuk Monastery, you can choose to stay overnight at Rongbuk Monastery guest house or camping site in EBC. Please play down your expectation of hotel facilities and toilet hygiene away from Shigatse, the more remote the place is, the hotel or guesthouse facilities become more basic and even dirtier.

6. Dinning for EBC Trek

Answer: Likewise, from Lhasa to Tingri, we will dine in local restaurants, mostly Tibetan dishes or Chinese food. Then after the trek begins, we will cook ourselves in the wilderness. If you prefer, we can hire a private chef with us. Luckily, our guides also know cooking. Do keep some calorie rich snack and some tea to replenish yourself. Once we reach Rongbuk Monastery, we can dine in guesthouse and even in local-run tent in camping site in EBC.

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