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Tibet Tour From Canada

Tibet Tour From Canada

Guide on Tibet Travel Permit Apply, Popular Tour Packages and How to Get to Tibet

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To travel from Canada to Tibet, you need to fly across North Pacific Ocean to reach China in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and HK and then after you get your Tibet Permit you may change flight or take Tibet train to further reach Lhasa, Tibet. Of course, if you prefer, you may also go extra miles and fly firstly to Kathmandu and later enter Tibet from Nepal. Many options are available, based on your interest and at your convenience.

Tibet Travel Permit Application for Canadian Tourists

Though Tibet has never been more open, there are certain rules you must follow for Tibet visit. Since independent travel is forbidden for all international tourists, including Canadian tourists, you have to depend on a legal local Tibet tour operator to book your Tibet tour and get your Tibet Permit to enter Tibet legally. We offer you one-stop service for Tibet permit application. After you get your Chinese Tourist Visa (also known as L visa), you can email your scanned image of your Chinese Visa page, your photos and tell us your Tibet entry city and itinerary, etc. to apply for Tibet Permit. For our clients, we offer free Tibet Permit service.

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Most Popular Tibet Tour from Canada

Starting from Canada, you can stretch your leg to mega-metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., then take epic Tibet train or domestic flight to explore holy Tibet, and exotic Nepal. The exposure to unique Tibetan culture and action-packed activities and unexpected encounters on Tibetan plateau will fill your journey with lifetime experiences. Our one-stop service saves you more time and energy for getting Tibet permit and booking Tibet train, fight, hotel, etc, leaving you no trouble travelling back and forth amid China Tibet and Nepal.

How to Get to Tibet from Canada? Multiple ways to travel from Vancouver to Tibet.

Travelling from Canada to Tibet can be done in two steps: firstly fly from Vancouver international airport to major provincial Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, HK. Then, after you get your Tibet permit, you can take Tibet train or domestic flight to reach Lhasa. Of course, if you want, you can fly from Canada to Kathmandu and either by flight or road trip to enter Tibet. You may have different combinations, depending on your travel dates and personal preferences.

By Flight to China

Flying to China from Vancouver is the first step for Tibet tour. Do book our Tibet tour months ahead and sort it out the important travel documents like Tibet Permit. Besides, booking your flight much early gives you a chance for cheaper flight ticket and choosing your favorite travel route. You can fly from Vancouver to major Chinese gateway cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and HK.

a. Canada to Beijing (Duration: 11h35m non-stop; up to 28h13m with 1 stop in SFO,DFW,HKG, TPE.)
b. Canada to Shanghai (Duration: 12h non-stop; up to 18h 30m with 1 stop in HKG, SFO, PEK,ICN)
c. Canada to Guangzhou (Duration: 13h30m non-stop; up to 19h50, with 1 stop in ICN,PEK,HKG,PVG)
d. Canada to Chengdu (Duration: up to 18h20m, with 1 stop in PEK, SFO, PVG, HKG, CAN)
e. Canada to HK ( Duration: 13h35m non-stop; up to 16h59m with 1 stop in SEA,DFW,TPE,MNL)

After Your Arrival in China

After you successfully land in China, all you need to do is get your Tibet Permit and choose either domestic flight or Tibet train to reach Lhasa. Normally, your Tibet Permit will be delivered to your hotel in mainland China. It’s a must for legally boarding the flight or Tibet train for Tibet. In some extreme cases, our staff will give the Tibet Permit to you in person at the airport or railway station.

From Beijing to Lhasa

By flight
Flying from Beijing to Lhasa is one of the most efficient ways to reach Tibet. Both non-stop flight and direct flight are available. The non-stop flight costs around 506USD. The non-stop flight takes off at 14:40 in Beijing and lands in Lhasa Gonggar Airport at 19:20. The total duration is 4h40m. Whereas, direct flight makes a stopover in Chengdu and the flight takes off at 08:20 and reaches Lhasa at 15:15. The overall flight takes around 6h55m. The ticket price is around 538 USD.

By train
As the hottest Tibet train route, Beijing-Lhasa train (No.Z21) promises an exciting ride, like no other! The train departs at 20:00 and it takes 40:20h to reach Lhasa. The soft sleeper ticket costs 1144 CNY and hard sleeper costs 720 CNY. The only problem is during high season of Tibet tour, esp. from July to August and Spring Festival travel rush, there is a shortage of train tickets. A good solution is that you’d better fly from Beijing to Xining and take Xining-Lhasa train to reach Lhasa.

From Shanghai to Lhasa

By flight
Flying from Shanghai to Lhasa offers an easy escape from bustling modern Chinese city. So far, only direct flight is available to Lhasa from Shanghai. Normally, the flight would make a stopover in Chengdu or Xi’an for 1h20m. The flight takes off at 16:50 and touches down in Lhasa Gonggar airport at 00:15 the next morning. The total duration is 7h25m. The flight ticket is around 442USD.

By train
Z164 (return Z166), Shanghai-Lhasa train, is the second busiest Tibet train route in China. It takes 46h15m to travel from the eastern coastal city of China to soaring Tibetan Plateau. The train leaves Shanghai at 20:10 and reaches Lhasa Railway Station at 18:25. The soft sleeper ticket is 1262.5 CNY while hard sleeper is 793.5CNY.

From Guangzhou to Lhasa

By flight
Guangzhou-Lhasa flight saves you awful lots of time to reach Tibet if you have a tight schedule or have a hard time with lengthy train ride. Only direct flight is available from Guangzhou to Lhasa. The flight takes off at 08:10 and arrives in Lhasa Gonggar Airport. The overall duration is 5h55m with a stopover in Chongqing.

By train
Z264 (return train Z266), Guangzhou-Lhasa train, offers the ultimate Tibet train experience for the devoted railfans. The 4980km’s train ride makes Guangzhou-Lhasa train the longest Tibet train ride across China. The train departs at 11:45 and arrives in Lhasa at 16:19 after a walloping 52h34m’s ride. The soft sleeper ticket costs 1468¥ and hard sleeper is 865¥. Given the long ride, it’s not recommended for young kids and the elderly.

From HongKong to Lhasa

Hong Kong’s favorable location makes it an ideal place for international tourists to land in mainland China. So far, the most efficient way for you to travel from HK to Lhasa is by flight to Chengdu and then take connecting flight or Chengdu-Lhasa train to reach Lhasa. The HK-Chengdu flight takes off at 17:10 and arrives in Chengdu at 19:55 after 2h45m’s flight. Then you need get your luggage and change to connecting flight bound for Lhasa. The second part of the flight takes off at 06:45 and lands in Lhasa Gonggar airport at 09:40 after 2h55m’s flight.

The other option for you is to take Chengdu-Lhasa train to reach Tibet. The train leaves Chengdu at 21:37 and reaches Lhasa at 09:55 after 36h18m’s ride. The soft sleeper ticket is 997.5 CNY and hard sleeper is 627.5 CNY. If you have time, you may visit our Chengdu office and meet your travel consultant to get your Tibet permit or have a nice chat.

Travel Tips: The actual ticket price varies based on different airlines, flight time and particular service. The exact amount of flight or Train prices are best confirmed by the airline or Tibet train you book.

By Flight to Kathmandu

Located right beside the southern side of Himalayas, Nepal is the closest country right next to Tibet. The closeness and easy transportation make Kathmandu a preferred gateway for reaching Tibet. You may choose to take Kathmandu-Lhasa flight to arrive in Tibet or enjoy the classic Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour to travel to the heart of Tibet.

Vancouver to Kathmandu (Duration: up to 34h48m, with 1 stop in CAN, HKG)
Further into Tibet from Kathmandu

By Kathmandu to Lhasa flight

Kathmandu to Lhasa flight is the only international flight linking Tibet with the outside world. Sichuan Airline and Air China run the non-stop flight respectively on odd and even days. So, literally, you can fly to Lhasa on a daily basis and vice versa. The flight takes off at 12:50 and touches down in Lhasa at 16:35. The total duration is 1h25m. Our travel consultant will help you get Group Tourist Visa (3 days for process) to legally board to flight. After you arrive in Lhasa Gonggar Airport, our Tibetan guide will be meeting you with auspicious Hada and your Tibet Permit outside the airport. If you want to have the best view of snow-capped Mount Everest, do choose the window seat of on the left side of the plane.

By the Epic Overland Tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa

For travel gurus, no one would deny the allure of epic overland tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa. The action-packed adventure across Himalayas and world-class natural wonders and Buddhist monasteries, etc. truly make the difference than flight. Our staff in Kathmandu will help you get Group Tourist Visa while staff in Lhasa will get your Tibet Permit. After you get your Group Tourist Visa, you can take bus from Kathmandu to the customs at Gyirong Port (at 10:00 Beijing Time), current Sino-Nepal border, and our Tibetan guide will be expecting you on the other side of customs with your Tibet Permit and later gradually transfer you to Lhasa.

Having said so much, if you have more questions concerning the your actual travel from Travel from Canadato Tibet or specific preferences of your upcoming Tibet tours, please feel free to send us your inquiry and contact our professional travel consultants for Free Consultancy.

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