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Our Clients’ Tibet Tour Booking Updates in 2019 & 2020

Confirm Time Client’s Name Country Tour Type Get to Tibet Tour Itinerary Travel Time Enquire
2019-05-08P****YSPhilippinesGroupBy Train13 Day Lhasa Mt. Everest Mt. Kailash Lake Manasarovar and Kathmandu Adventure Tour2019-08-08Join in this Group
2019-02-13B****ioPhilippinesGroupBy Train4 Days Lhasa Impression Small Group Tour2019-06-16Join in this Group
2018-11-01m****naPhilippinesGroupBy Flight7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour2018-12-20Join in this Group
2018-09-12v****raPhilippinesGroupBy Train8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour2018-09-12Join in this Group
2018-08-17A****ngPhilippinesGroupBy Train5 Days Lhasa and Yamdrok Lake Small Group Tour2018-11-02Join in this Group
2018-04-12R****esPhilippinesGroupBy Train15 Days Kailash Tour, Lhasa to Kailash and Manasarova Travel2018-06-04Join in this Group
2018-04-03n****alPhilippinesGroup/16 Day In-depth tour of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan2018-09-08Join in this Group
2018-03-15A****enPhilippinesGroup/7 Days Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Trip with EBC Small Group Tour2018-07-28Join in this Group
2018-01-18V****lePhilippinesGroupBy Flight10 Days Lhasa to EBC and Namtso Lake Small Group Tour2018-05-05Join in this Group
2018-01-08C****naPhilippinesGroupBy Train7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour2017-11-03Join in this Group
2017-06-28M****aoPhilippinesGroupBy Flight9 Days Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour with EBC2017-09-05Join in this Group
2017-05-11R****ngPhilippinesGroupBy Train4 Days Lhasa Must-See Small Group Tour2017-10-29Join in this Group
2017-03-17A****JrPhilippinesGroupBy Flight15 Days Kailash and Manasarova Small Group Tour2017-05-02Join in this Group
2017-03-01E****r.PhilippinesGroupBy Flight7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour2017-04-12Join in this Group
2017-02-21(****elPhilippinesGroupBy Train4 Days Lhasa Impression Small Group Tour2017-07-09Join in this Group
2017-01-22C****daPhilippinesPrivateBy Train3 Days Lhasa Tour at a Glimpse2017-02-20Tailor a Similar Tour
2017-01-19H****uaPhilippinesPrivateBy Flight11 Days Tibet Photography Tour2017-09-08Tailor a Similar Tour
2016-12-08E****ngPhilippinesGroupBy Flight6 Days Central Tibet Culture Small Group Tour2017-01-26Join in this Group
2016-09-05V****roPhilippinesGroupBy Flight4 Days Lhasa City Small Group Tour2016-10-22Join in this Group
2016-08-17M****amPhilippines PrivateBy Flight10 Days Grand Natural Beauty of Tibet2016-09-01Tailor a Similar Tour
2016-05-31r****omPhilippinesGroupBy Flight7 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Small Group Tour2016-07-08Join in this Group
2016-04-21L****ANPhilippinesGroup/4 Days Lhasa Impression Small Group Tour2016-06-01Join in this Group

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