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Bhutan Weather and Tour in July: is July a proper time to pay Bhutan a visit?

May,14 2019 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

In the isolated country of Bhutan, the monsoon season starts in around the middle of July in the higher altitude areas, while already underway by the end of May in the lower areas, making July a wet but warm month, with high humidity, and not really ideal for trekking. However, the month is good for sightseeing in the kingdom, with plenty of things to see and do in Paro and Thimphu. Few people travel to Bhutan in July, as visibility in the mountains is low, and much of the countryside is far too muddy to go trekking through.

The Climate and Weather Condition of July in Bhutan

July is the main start of the monsoon season in Bhutan, and few people are brave enough to choose to visit the kingdom during July. The monsoon rains, which come up from India and the Indian monsoon, make July one of the wettest months of the year, and a very humid time too. In the high mountains, visibility can be very poor, with low cloud cover, and much of the kingdom is far too wet and muddy for trekking, the most popular activity in Bhutan.

Table of Bhutan Weather in July

While much of the rains do fall in the western and southern regions of the country, some of the northern valleys see a lot less rainfall, and many of the more sheltered inland valleys tend to be much drier than the rest of the country. Across the country, temperatures range from 25 degrees to as high as 31 degrees in July, which is not the hottest month of the year.

Paro weather in July

Average Maximum Temperature: 22 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 15 °C
Average Temperature: 18 °C
Precipitation: 428 mm

July in Paro is the wettest time of year, with more than 420mm of monsoon rain falling throughout the month. Paro experiences an increase in cloud cover throughout July, with most of the days being overcast with low visibility. Winds come up from the south, and peak at around 4-5 km/h. Temperatures average around 18 degrees, with highs of up to 22 degrees during the day, and lows that drop only to around 14 degrees at night.

Beautiful Kyichu Lhakhang in Paro valley after the shower in summerBeautiful Kyichu Lhakhang in Paro valley after the shower in summer

Thimphu weather in July

Average Maximum Temperature: 22 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 14 °C
Average Temperature: 18 °C
Precipitation: 364 mm

Just a short distance from Paro, Thimphu, the Bhutanese capital, is one of the wettest areas of northern Bhutan in July, with around 373mm of rain throughout the month, most of which falls in the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures range from 13 degrees at night to around 18 degrees during the daytime, with a monthly average of around 16 degrees, making it a little cooler for travelers.

Jakar weather in July

Average Maximum Temperature: 22 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 14 °C
Average Temperature: 18 °C
Precipitation: 317 mm

With warm temperatures and relatively average rainfall, July in Jakar is not as wet as many of the other areas of Bhutan, thanks to the protection of the hills and mountains that surround the area. Temperatures range from up to 22 degrees in the daytime to as low as 13 degrees at night, making it a warm and pleasant time to visit.

Bumthang weather in July

Average Maximum Temperature: 21°C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13 °C
Average Temperature: 17 °C
Precipitation: 289 mm

The larger area of Bumthang is warm in July, with a lower amount of rain than the more westerly areas of Thimphu and Paro. The surrounding mountains partially protect the area from the heavier rains, making Bumthang one of the few drier places in the month. Temperatures can get as high as 21 degrees in the daytime, and only drop to around 13 degrees at night.

Punakha weather in July

Average Maximum Temperature: 27 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 20 °C
Average Temperature: 23 °C
Precipitation: 743 mm

One of the wettest areas for tourism in the northern half of Bhutan, Punakha sees a high amount of rain in July, with more than 740mm falling over the course of the month. Temperatures, however, are also warmer, with highs reaching up to 27 degrees during the day, and at night only dropping to around 19 degrees, making it a hot and humid area in July.

What about Bhutan tours in July?

Few people choose to visit Bhutan in July, as it is part of the monsoon season, and the weather can get wet and humid, with higher temperatures. July is one of the wettest months of the year, and the humidity is at its highest, making the temperatures feel even hotter. Visibility is poor in the higher mountain areas, and views of the stunning peaks are less likely.

Rain freshened Thimphu valley in JulyRain freshened Thimphu valley in July

However, while there may be a lot more rain in July, especially in the southern areas, it is not impossible to visit the kingdom, and there are plenty of things to do and see, even if trekking is not really much of an option. Much of the rainfall in areas such as Paro and Thimphu falls in the late afternoon and evenings, which does leave the days free for sightseeing. Days may not be as bright, but with rain limited to a few showers during most of the day, sightseeing around the major cities is still a great option for travelers to Bhutan.

Insider tips:
City tour in Bhutan’s monsoon season is great. No matter you overlook the city from a higher place or get personally on the scene, the pure beauty of the cities after the rain can be touching and spectacular.

Below, we have selected some Bhutan tours for you:
>> 4 Days Bhutan Impression Tour
>> 5 Days classic Bhutan City and Scenic Tourist Tour
>> 5 Days Popular Highlights of Bhutan Tour
>> 6 Days Classic Thimphu-Paro and Taktsang Ghoempa Tour

Besides the listed tours we recommend above, we still provide you with some other tour routes which are still quite appropriate for you in July. Check to get the most popular Bhutan tours for detailed information

How about Bhutan trekking in July?

While parts of the days may be clear and bright, there is no guarantee that every day will be the same, and there are always chances of torrential downpours in July, even in the drier areas of the northwest. With poor visibility and lots of cloud cover, as well as the rain, trekking is not normally an option in July, as the rains can make the trails muddy and dangerous.

Most of the trekking areas in Bhutan see heavy rains throughout July, with Bumthang and Punakha, both popular trekking regions, seeing rainfall of 300mm and 700 mm respectively. Trekking in the rain is also no fun, and getting soaked along the trails, even if they are still passable, is not the best way to explore the beauty of this Himalayan kingdom.

Festivals in July

July is not the peak of Bhutan’s festival season, though there are a few that you can take in if you have the time.

Nimalung Tsechu in Bumthang District is a three-day festival that is held on the 5th month in the Bhutanese calendar. A major religious festival of the Nimelung temple in the Chummey Valley of Bumthang, the main event of the festival is the unveiling of the giant Thongdrol painting, similar to the Tibetan thangka, that is put on display for the three days. Praying at the foot of the thongdrol is said to cleanse you of all your sins, and thousands of locals come to the temple to pray there. The festival also includes a number of mask dances and folk dancing, for the pleasure of the local visitors.

Kurjey Tsechu is held in the Kurjey Lhakhang in Bumthang Dzongkhag, where hundreds of local villagers come to pay obeisance to the Guru Rinpoche, who is credited with bringing Buddhism to Bhutan. A one-day festival that features mask dances, folk dancing, and the unveiling of a giant thongdrol depicting scenes of the Buddha, this delightful festival is held on the 11th of July in 2019.

Haa Summer Festival is held fervently in JulyHaa Summer Festival is held fervently in July

A lively and uplifting celebration of the traditional Bhutanese culture, the ancient nomadic lifestyles, and the Buddhist faith, the Haa Summer Festival is held in July, in the fifth month of the Bhutanese calendar. A showcase of the living culture of the Haa Valley, in western Bhutan in the Haa Dzongkhag, which borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region to the north, the festival features displays of traditional local culture, tastes of the local cuisine, traditional Bhutanese sports, religious performances and mask dances, and a host of other delightful activities and performances. A two-day festival, it is a great time to spend as a Homestay for the night in the valley.

Insider tips:
1. There are quite a lot of interesting things to do in the Haa Summer Festival. Besides tasty food, you can also watch skilled local craftsmen weaving yak hair into their traditional tents, the arts of yak shearing and wool making.
2. You can either participate in or watch the traditional sports like archery, yak and horse riding, darts (Khuru), light javelin throwing (Soksum), etc.

What to pack for visit Bhutan in July?

While the temperatures are mostly pretty warm in July, there is a need to keep a sweater handy, just in case the drop in temperature gets a little too cold for you. The main thing to pack, aside from the usual temperate-climate summer clothing, is something to keep the rain off. Raincoats and umbrellas will be very useful in July in Bhutan, and it is a good idea to keep them handy, as you never know when it will rain.

You should also think about a good pair of boots, as the roads can get muddy, and some areas can get much waterlogged. Softer shoes can be used in the major cities, though, as there is normally less mud around.

Is it easy to get the Bhutan Visa in July?

As with every other month of the year, getting a visa for Bhutan is part and parcel of the tour booking, and there are rarely any issues with getting a visa to enter the country once you have booked and paid for your pre-arranged tour. Bhutan has no restrictions on tour dates and when you can visit, even during the Bhutanese New Year.


While it may be a little wet, there is always something to do in Bhutan. No matter what time of year. And July is no different. It may rain a lot throughout the month, but it is the ideal opportunity to take in some of the great sightseeing spots of the kingdom, since trekking is almost impossible in most of the country. July may be the wettest month in some areas, but with lighter showers in the day and most of the rain falling later in the evening, it is the perfect time to go and explore the architecture and religious sites of this ancient Himalayan kingdom.

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