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Bhutan Weather and Tour in August: is August a proper time to pay Bhutan a visit?

Bhutan is known variously as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and the “Last Shangri-La”, and is one of the most isolated countries in the world. August in Bhutan is the middle of the summer season, and the last month of the low season before the peak months begin again in September. A wet and humid month, with high temperatures across most of the kingdom, August is not the best time of year to travel to Bhutan for trekking, but is much more suited to sightseeing and exploring the monasteries and temples of the kingdom. For most tourists, August is an enjoyable month, despite the rain, as the landscape is lush and green, with the summer wildflowers blooming in the meadows and fields.

The Climate and Weather Condition of August in Bhutan

August in Bhutan is the monsoon season, and while the southern parts of the kingdom get heavily drenched with torrential rains, the northern areas see much less rainfall, with the monsoon weakening as the month progresses. However, it can still be a very wet month, so waterproofs are still the order of the day for most days in August.

Table of Bhutan Weather in August

Temperatures are also starting to cool down from the heat of July, and with autumn just around the corner, the humidity also drops, making it a more pleasant time to travel. While the mountains can still be covered in clouds and obscured from view for much of August, you do get more lucky days when the rain clouds clear away and the stunning mountain views return for a brief period. Temperatures around the kingdom can vary dramatically, with the lower regions in the south still seeing high temperatures of around 33 degrees, while areas in the west can still hit around 26-27 degrees, and the Bumthang District experiences drops to as mild as the low twenties.

Paro weather in August

Average Maximum Temperature: 22 °C 
Average Minimum Temperature: 14 °C 
Average Temperature: 18 °C
Precipitation: 331 mm

With temperatures dropping slightly, and the rains becoming less heavy and frequent, Paro sees a huge change in the weather, as autumn slowly starts to creep towards the region, and night time temperatures drop to as low as 14 degrees. With barely 300mm of rain throughout the month, the area sees fewer clouds covering the mountains to the north, while temperatures in the daytime are still up as high as around 21 degrees.

Thimphu weather in August

Average Maximum Temperature: 21 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 14 °C
Average Temperature: 17 °C
Precipitation: 284 mm

Thimphu sees a huge drop in rainfall in August, from July, although the temperatures hardly change much, even at night. Highs of around 21 degrees in the day and 13 degrees at night, it is still humid and warm in Thimphu in August, although the lower rainfall allows for more pleasant sightseeing.

Jakar weather in August

Average Maximum Temperature: 23 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13 °C
Average Temperature: 17.5 °C
Precipitation: 252 mm

Jakar in the Bumthang Dzongkhag also sees a very small change in the weather, mainly the reduced amount of rainfall throughout the month, with only around 250mm. Majority of the rain, however, has already fallen by the middle of August, and the latter part of the month becomes clearer with better views of the mountains.

Bumthang weather in August

Average Maximum Temperature: 21 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13 °C
Average Temperature: 17 °C
Precipitation: 232 mm

With very little change in the Bumthang District from July to August, there is a slight drop in temperatures that is negligible, though the rains tend to drop in the latter half of the month to bring more sunshine days than in July. Temperatures remain steady at around 17 degrees on average, with highs of around 21 degrees during the sunnier days.

Punakha weather in August

Average Maximum Temperature: 26 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 19 °C
Average Temperature: 23 °C
Precipitation: 534 mm

Overlooking the green terraced fields at Punakha in Bhutan summerOverlooking the green terraced fields at Punakha in Bhutan summer

While the Punakha District sees a steady temperature from July to August, there is a huge drop in rainfall, with less than 60 percent of the amount of rain falling compared to July. Average temperatures are steady at around 23 degrees, with highs that still reach up to around 26-27 degrees during the day. The latter part of the month sees more sunny days as the rains decrease steadily towards autumn.

What about Bhutan tours in August?

The weather in Bhutan is still fairly humid in August, with only a slight drop in temperatures. It is the lessening rain that starts to bring the tourists back into the kingdom, as the rain-drenched areas begin to see the weakening of the rains. However, August is still a month that caters mainly to sightseeing tours, and with less rain, it is easier to get around seeing the stunning sights of Paro and Thimphu.

With less rain, you are likely to have more sunny days in Bhutan in August, especially towards the latter part of the month, with a better chance for clear skies. However, the cloud cover still obscures the high peaks for most of the month, lessening towards September and the autumn season.

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Besides the listed tours we recommend above, we still provide you with some other tour routes which are still quite appropriate for you. Check to get the most popular Bhutan tours for detailed information.

How about Bhutan trekking in August?

Trekking in Bhutan in August is usually still a no-go activity, with the rains still having damaged the trekking trails and the dirt roads that lead to them up into the mountains. With many of the mountains still covered by low-lying clouds, the views of the peaks are still obscured for most of the month, though the occasional glimpse of the high mountain summits appears if you are lucky.

While the major trekking areas of Bumthang and Punakha may have seen a drop in the amount of rainfall in August, the rains are still present for majority of the month, making trekking an almost impossible task across the kingdom, as the trails are still waterlogged and the roads to get to them can be muddy and unsafe.

Typically, August is not a proper time for a long trek in Bhutan. However, since you have arrived in this Dragon Kingdom in summer, why not try some short-day treks and the green terraced fields at Phunakha in summer is really very good.

Below, we have chosen two short-day trekking for you in Bhutan’s summer:
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Festivals in August

Festivals in the rainy month of august are few and far between, but there is one unusual festival that is well worth visiting if you are in the kingdom in August. Held in both Thimphu and Bumthang, the Matsutake Mushroom Festival celebrates the start of the mushroom season in Bhutan. The festival brings with it the chance to not only sample these delicious local mushrooms, but to also learn a little more about the unique culture and the rhythm of life in Bhutan.

Celebrating Bhutan Matsutake Mushroom Festivall in AugustBooths set in circle with fresh mushrooms spread out during Bhutan Matsutake Mushroom Festival l in August

Prized by gourmets the world over, especially in Japan where it is a major part of several Japanese gourmet dishes, the Matsutake Mushrooms that grow only in Bhutan are harvested throughout August and September. The fungus, which is native to the forests of the Ura Valley are only harvested once a year, and the harvest time is a major festival time in Bhutan. In Thimphu, the festival is usually held in the first weeks of August, while in Bumthang, where the mushrooms are harvested, it begins in the third week of the month.

Visitors to the region during the festival will be able to sample these delicious delicacies, and even embark on a mushroom picking excursion around the area, traipsing through the lush green hills and pristine forests in search of the sought-after fungi. You can also sample some of the delicious local mushroom recipes and get involved with the singing and dancing that goes alongside this unusual harvest festival.

What to pack for a visit to Bhutan in August?

Bhutan in August is still a rainy month, with only a slight drop in the rainfall levels in most places where tourists tend to visit. Raincoats and umbrellas are still the order of the day, and you will be foolish to leave them in your hotel, as there is a high chance of rain at some point within the days. Good strong boots are a must for anyone wandering around the kingdom, especially out in the more outlying areas outside the major cities of Thimphu and Paro.

The weather is still warm, with high temperatures ranging as high as 26-27 degrees, so heavy clothing is really not required. However, it is not exactly shorts weather, so light pants would be best, and take a sweater with you in case it gets a little chilly at night, though the temperatures will not get anywhere near freezing. As the latter part of the month rolls around, the sunny days become more frequent, so a hat and your sunglasses may be needed for a few days towards the end of August.

Is it easy to get the Bhutan Visa in August?

As with every other month of the year, getting a visa for Bhutan is part and parcel of the tour booking, and there are rarely any issues with getting a visa to enter the country once you have booked and paid for your pre-arranged tour. Bhutan has no restrictions on tour dates and when you can visit, even during the Bhutanese New Year.


August may not be as wet as July in Bhutan, but the rains are still more prominent than the sunny days, and while you can get around to most places, there is no chance of trekking in the hills and mountains. August is a month for sightseeing in Bhutan, and it is a great time to explore the stunning architecture and monasteries of the kingdom, as well as getting out an about and enjoying the lush green of the summer months, before autumn rolls around and things begin to dry up.

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