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Bhutan Weather and Tour in April: is it appropriate to visit Bhutan in April?

If you felt a slight chill in late March, then in April, the warm spring completely dominates almost every part of Bhutan, making this country a paradise for trekking and outdoor activities. Bhutan’s tourism has reached a peak of the year.

In April, mountains and hills are dressed with fully bloomed wildflowers while clusters of lush rhododendrons brocade most of the Bhutan valley peony red and pink. On most of high-altitude places and valleys along the trekking route, majestic distant views can be sighted and remains clearly as far as your eyes can reach.

With only a few rainfalls, the Bhutan Himalaya Range is in its best splendor. Rural farmland has been cultivated to be flat and covered with green vegetation while the untouched lakes come back to vitality with trout leaping out of the spring water.

The ever-green tree laden forests along the trekking trails sprout new and unexpected branches. Animals like squirrels, sambars and grey langurs can be easily found along the treks during your trekking days. The blue sheep grazing on the pasture and the owl punctuates the nights. April Bhutan is a paradise for all living creatures.

Weather and climate condition of April in Bhutan

April in Bhutan is the fast-growing period for natural vegetation and ranks the most active month for wild lives. Forests are fully grown, while kinds of flowers are in their full blossom. As a sustainable and environment friendly e-co tourism country, Bhutan celebrated its once-in-a-year tourism peak in April.

Table of Bhutan Weather in April

The weather turns to be its finest and enjoys an overall increase. You can feel the perceived temperature rising continuously from the previous month. The average temperature of Bhutan’s most beautiful Bumthang valley reaches about 5°C. With only a few days’ rainfalls, clear skies dominate the entire month and give a golden chance to all kinds of Bhutan trekking.

The night temperature is appropriate for most of the outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, city touring etc. and makes the staying overnight outside along the trekking route much warmer than the previous months. Sunscreen and skin care products are still needed, for the air remains to be dry with strong ultraviolet rays in the daytime.

To help you get more information about the Mar. weather and climate in Bhutan’s most attractive towns and regions, we have collected the latest and detailed weather and climate information about the towns and regions listed below.

Paro weather in April

Average Maximum Temperature: 17 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 7 °C
Average Temperature: 12 °C
Clear Days: 25
Precipitation: 4 mm
Wind Speed: 5 km/h

April has always been considered as the busiest month for tourism, for the weather is at its finest and the Paro Airport ushers in its peak season, busy receiving visitors all over the world.

With the maximum temperature rising to 17 °C, beautiful rhododendrons continue to prosper and can be surprisingly found in some high-altitude places in Paro. Growing in clusters, these amazing flowers color the valley pink and blanket the entire mountain hills red, making April Paro a wonderful place reluctant to leave.

The precipitation in April becomes very little, mainly the early morning showers or the afternoon rainfalls followed by the clear up. The wind in Paro April tends to soothe a little bit with the wind speed approximately at 5 km/h. Paro in April impresses anyone who gets off the plane and is ready to see this Himalaya kingdom.

Insider tips:
1. April is a trekking month and most of Bhutan’s splendid trekking routes that lead you to see the majestic Himalaya Range start from Paro or nearby it. So to ensure a good start, a good rest is necessary. Book the accommodations well in advance, or the options can fill up in the peak season.
2. Paro is not far from the capital town Thimphu, if you cannot find any satisfying hotel in April, try searching for a proper one in Thimphu.

Thimphu weather in April

Average Maximum Temperature: 16 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 7 °C
Average Temperature: 12 °C
Clear Days: 25
Precipitation: 5 mm
Wind Speed: 4 km/h

Thimphu (2,334 m) as the capital of Bhutan is just 55 km away from Paro and only 2-hour drive from it. So the weather of both major towns bare a lot of similarities in April. You can expect a balmy temperature reaching to 16 °C in the daytime, while at night, the temperature drops slightly a bit to 7°C with the perceived temperature very comfortable.

Comparing to other western towns, Thimphu has comparatively wet air, for the spring rain first fell in Thimphu. However, it doesn’t mean Thimphu is a rainy city in April. Rains in April are still the short-time shower in the afternoon and only a few days have the rainfall.

Trekking in Bhutan in AprilYou will see the High-altitude valley with snow-capped mountains behind if you trekking in Bhutan in April.

The sunny day prevailed April is the best time for trek lovers. Trekking tours with different levels near Thimphu become increasingly popular in locals as well as among foreign visitors.

Insider tips:
1. Treks with various levels of difficulty are arduously held in April and most of them start from the capital. Some takes you to ascend the mountains for a closer look of the Himalaya Range while others lead you to the lakes and valleys. No matter which one you choose, prepare down-filled clothes for the temperature drop at night.
2. The higher place you reach, the colder the weather tends to be. It still works in April Thimphu. So if you travel to places with a higher elevation around Thimphu, the daytime temperature can still be low, with edelweiss blankets the mountain hills.
3. Besides the trekking tours, the relatively broad valley surrounding Thimphu with splendid out-of-town sight is also worth exploring. Try climbing up to a comparatively higher mountain hill to enjoy an overlook.

Jakar weather in April

Average Maximum Temperature: 18.5 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 6 °C
Average Temperature: 12 °C
Clear Days: 29
Precipitation: 2 mm
Wind Speed: 10 km/h

Jakar (2,587 m) is another popular town located in Bumthang valley in central Bhutan. As the capital of Bumthang District, Jakar attracts a large number of visitors to come in April every year mainly by its natural sceneries and short-day treks around it.

With plenty sunshine and great visibilities, the daytime weather becomes perfect for trekking and broad valley sightseeing. These short treks take you to some lush forests with towering pristine trees and fully bloomed wildflowers. April Jakar so serves as the best place for visitors who plan a short term trek in Bumthang area.

Rainfall is rarely seen in this month and the air remains to be dry with moderate wind speed. The daytime temperature may not be as high as other western towns but the perceived temperature is warmer and comfortable.

Insider tips:
1. Jakar Dzong, located on a ridge above Jakar town, is one of the oldest and most venerated Temple in Bhutan. It is now believed to be largest dzong in the country with a circumference of more than 1,500 meters. So once you are in Jakar, Jakar Dzong is the iconic spot you can’t miss.
2. Sunscreen and moistures are the musts. No matter wherever you go, prepare a down filled cloths in case of the temperature drop in late afternoon.

Bumthang weather in April

Average Maximum Temperature: 7 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: -1 °C
Average Temperature: 4 °C
Clear Days: 28
Precipitation: 4 mm
Wind Speed: 9km/h

Bumthang area is famous for its gorgeous and lovely valleys. The four grand valleys of Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor are widely regarded as the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan. The largest Choekhor valley, with fields of farmland and the most important temples, is commonly referred as the “Bumthang Valley”.

Bumthang valley in AprilBumthang valley morning with fresh air and light-green farmland in April.

Bumthang in April starts to become warm for the average temperature lingers from 4 °C to 5°C. However, the daytime perceived temperature is much higher than you can expect, for most of the days are sunny. Rains are hardly seen in this month, and, if any, are always rain showers in the morning or at night. In valleys, the wind is moderate but the air remains to be dry, so keep your skin moisturized with sunscreens if you stay outside.

Insider tips:
1. In Bumthang area, there are plenty of opportunities for treks and hikes, which offer splendid sceneries of remote sacred sights including unique temples and monasteries, wide valley reviews and sublime of picnic spots. Take cameras with you for everywhere along the trekking trails can be a scene.
2. Treks in Bumthang region are mainly the short-term treks with soft trails either in the forests or along the rhododendron clustered mountain roads. If your travelling schedule is not very tight, you are recommended to explore as many places as possible, for the views along the different trekking routes may bring you totally different surprises in April.
3. Besides the pristine natural beauty in Bumthang area, bird watching is also regarded as the highlight in your trekking tour as the breeding season for most Bhutan’s endemic birds has come. The most popular owls flutter their wings and play around in the forests. Take a special trek and go deep into the forests to hear the owls puncture the night or participate in bird watching groups to find more bird species with Bhutan characteristics.
4. April Bumthang is the paradise for all kinds of endemic birds. Besides the owls, other species like Fire-capped Tit, Scarlet Finch, Black Drongo, and Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch, etc. can also be found in the temperate Bumthang areas. Equip the bird watching tools before attending any trek tour in April, for these spirits may be caught your eyes without noticing.

Punakha weather in April

Average Maximum Temperature: 24.7 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13.8 °C
Average Temperature: 19.2 °C
Clear Days: 29
Precipitation: 3 mm
Wind Speed: 12 km/h

Punakha area lies between the Thimphu valley and the Bumthang valley at a much lower altitude of 1,214 m. Punakha weather in April is much warmer than most of Bhutan’s western and central towns. The average maximum temperature continues to rise and sometimes reaches to 24.7 °C or even higher. At night, the average minimum temperature lingers at a higher level of 13.8 °C, making comfortable for staying overnight outside or in a well-pitched tent.

Rainfall are barely seen in this month. If any, it is just a few hours’ shower in the afternoon. So, most of Bumthang areas are dominated by comfortable sunshine and comparatively dry air. It is recommended to cease your moving steps for a while along your trekking route and take a short break, for the weather may possibly make you feel hot.

Insider tips:
1. Punakha valley is believed to be a great place for rice farming. So the breathtaking terraced fields can be sighted from the hills or along the trekking route. You can find terraced fields of buckwheat, rice and other grain crops are in their initial growth. Light green turns to be the dominating color, making you much determined that Bhutan spring is here.
2. Black-necked cranes are hard to be found in April any more, but livelier Bhutan birds show up, busy nesting on the branches and hunting worms and bugs in the rice fields, shuttling freely among the mountains. Never shouting or screaming in the fields or mountain hills. Just listen and enjoy the peaceful sceneries in front.

What about Bhutan tours in April?

In April, the weather and temperature are excellent to feel the Bhutan spring, so the outdoor activities are among the top recommendations.

Bhutan city tours take you to experience Bhutan’s traditional cultures like art, handicraft, national sport, architectural style, and the pristine ways of local livings.

Bhutan religious tours take you to visit Bhutan’s religious dzongs (fortress) and lhakhangs (monasteries or temples) in major towns or remote villages, where you can pay your worships to these places and have a closer look for the architectures.

April in Bhutan represents the vigor and vitality. Most places of this kingdom are turning into a colorful world. The Bhutan city tours also take you to the nearby natural sites where you can experience the air in spring or guide you ascend to enjoy the snow-capped Himalaya Range like Dochu La Pass (3,050 m).

Below, we have selected some Bhutan tours for you:

>> 5 Days classic Bhutan City and Scenic Tourist Tour
>> 5 Days Popular Highlights of Bhutan Tour
>> 6 Days Classic Thimphu-Paro and Taktsang Ghoempa Tour
>> 7 Days Classic Bhutan Mountains and Valleys Tour
>> 10 Days Classic Bhutan Himalaya Tour
>> 11 Days Classic West and Central Bhutan Tour

Besides the listed tours we recommend above, we still provide you with some other tour routes which are still quite appropriate for you in April. Check more popular Bhutan Tours for detailed information.

How about Bhutan trekking in April?

Trekking Bhutan in April is not just a trek or trip to cover these trekking trails, but a journey of discovery, a nurturing trip of mind and soul. Bhutan April treks thrive mainly in western and central areas.

Jhomolhari Trek in AprilAmazing high altitude farmland scenery along Jhomolhari Trek in April.

In western areas:

In western areas like Thimphu and Paro, treks take you deep into the Himalaya regions far in the north, for the Bhutan Himalaya Mountains in April remains to be majestic. The rising of night temperature in April makes stay overnight at places with comparatively higher elevations possible.

With clear visibility, you can appreciate the sunrise and the sunset of these solemn mountains and the Himalaya Range paralleling to your trekking trails can be another highlight in April’s trekking tours. Meanwhile, you can also cease your forwarding steps to enjoy some high altitude trout-filled lakes as well as the bird nesting forests. Plan a tent camp tour to explore more.

In the central areas:

In central areas like Punakha and Bumthang Valleys, the treks take you to some dense oak and bamboo covered forests where sun beans penetrating from the clear sky and rhododendron blankets the mountain hills. Take an overlook at the evergreen tree covered Bhutan Mountains and feel the serenity accompanied by the rustling of the winds as well as the occasional squeaking of the birds.

In Punakha valley, short treks also take you to enjoy the green terraced fields of buckwheat, rice and other grain crops. The jaw-dropping farmland provide you another perspective to get known about this country.

Below we have selected some Bhutan April trek tours for you:

>> 3 Days Bumthang Culture Trek
>> 3 Days Bumthang Owl Trek
>> 6 Days Druk Path Trek
>> 10 Days Jhomolhari Loop trek
>> 12 Days Jomolhari Trek

Insider trips:
1. We have provided some other popular Bhutan trekking routes to present more choices.
2. In April, the following trekking routes are not recommended:
31 Days Snowman Trek - The Snowman trek is generally regarded as the most difficult trek in the world. Despite the spring is coming, but the temperature in some high altitude places of this trek still remains to be low, somewhere even below the freezing point. Heavy snow is yet to melt and the wind maintains to be strong. So this arduous trek is still not recommended to get started in this month.

What else we can do in April Bhutan?

Beside the treks and city tours in Bhutan, here are some special traditional festivals available to attend in April.

Rhododendron Festival

Bhutan’s Rhododendron Festival is typically held through the middle of April to the end of it in Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu. The festival celebrates the rhododendron flowers that bloom abundantly in Bhutan and displays kinds of characteristic species which are the most representative in their natural habitat.

Rhododendron Festival in AprilGorgeous rhododendron clustered path in the garden during Rhododendron Festival.

During the festival, the gorgeous garden walk and elaborately prepared exhibition attract a great number of visitor. With constant words of praise, the festival also provide Bhutan cuisines to taste and traditional games to attend.

Insider tips:
This year’s Rhododendron Festival will be held from 19th to 21st April in Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu. If you also plan a trek with the starting place in near Thimphu or Paro, never miss the yearly held festival here.

Domkhar Tshechu

Domkhar Tshechu is regarded as one of the biggest festivals in Bumthang area. Locals, with handmade masks on their faces, are dressed in colorful traditional gowns. The festival is due to be held to mark the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, the Indian saint who visited Bhutan in the 8th century.

Insider tips:
This year’s Domkhar Tshechu will be held from 14th to 16th April in Chumni, Bumthang. The folk dances by locals are quite unique and very attracting. Domkhar Tshechu can be another high light during your trek tour in Bumthang areas.

Ura Yakchoe

Ura Yakchoe is a three-day festival commemorating the presence of the future Buddha Maitreya (Jampa) and the unforgettable journey into the center of Bhutan. Ura Yakchoe is actually a kind of famous dance in Bhutan. So, during the festival, the mask and folk dances are performed and sacred relic is put on display from which people could receive the blessings.

Insider tips:
This year’s Ura Yakchoe will be held from 16th to 20th April in Ura Lhakhang, Bumthang.

What to pack for a visit to Bhutan in April?

Depending on where you are heading, you may need to pack both the cool and the warm clothes, as the south of the country rarely gets cold at all. In the north, however, you will need to have warmer clothing to beat the colder weather at night, especially at some high-altitude places.

If you are trekking, then you should include trekking boots and plenty of layers to keep you warm or cool as you trek. For those not trekking, a decent strong pair of boots or shoes is essential, as the roads in Bhutan are not all paved, and ground can be rough in some places.

The spring is a sunny time of year, so you will need sunglasses and a hat, since the sun can get a little stronger than you might expect. The northwest is quite windy too, so moisturizer and lip balm for the chaffing winds is a good idea.

Otherwise, you can bring normal clothes that you would wear anywhere else, such as t-shirts and slacks, jeans and other pants, trekking pants for trekkers, and bring a warm jacket or sweaters, as the temperature still remains to be low in some places in April.

Is it easy to get the Bhutan Visa in April?

All tourists need the Bhutan Visa before their travelling to Bhutan except visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives. For Thai and Swiss nationals holding official and diplomatic passports whiling coming to Bhutan do not require Visa. There are no other embassies abroad to grant the Bhutan tourist visa. It is only issued in Thimphu and directly or through a foreign travel agent.

We will apply the visa for you and provide you with the visa reference number issued by Bhutan government before your departure. With the visa reference number, you are allowed to board the flight to Bhutan or enter this country by road at Phuentsholing.

Bhutan does not have any restrictions on when you can visit the kingdom, and is open all year round. However, as April is the second month of the high season for tourism, the number of foreign tourists applying for Bhutan visa ushers into a conspicuous increase.

The Department of Immigration does say that visas are normally processed within five working days in the peak season, it is not that hard to get the visa, as long as you meet the requirements for travel to Bhutan and are choosing a reputable tour operator.


Since Bhutan’s Tourism enters its high season from March. Bhutan weather in April continues to become balmy and go through a general increase in almost all parts of Bhutan. The day time temperature has risen slightly, but the temperature at night has obviously gone up quite a bit, making the stay outside more comfortable when comparing to the previous month.

The sky remains to be crystal clear with excellent visibilities while the mountains and valleys begin their early splendors during this time. Early buds growing out of trees and blossom of the rhododendron clusters are the reminders to inform you that the warm spring breeze has revived every corner of this country.

With only a few days short-time rainfalls, April becomes one of the best months for outdoor activities, especially for trekking. Set your feet on the dense forest-covered trails to enjoy the jaw-dropping Bhutan Himalaya Mountains and down to the gorgeous wildflower clustered valleys to explore their early beauty. Despite that the cost of the Minimum Daily Package has risen a lot, the sceneries in Bhutan April definitely worth the money.

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