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Bhutan tours are NOW reopened to international tourists. It's time to plan your Bhutan tour in 2022!

Please tell us your Bhutan travel plan by filling out the following simple form. Our professional travel expert will get back to you with detailed Bhutan Visa requirements according to your situation within 24 hours.

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About Bhutan Visa

The Visa for Bhutan is the most important travel document for all tourists, except for Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian travelers, to visit Bhutan. Unlike other countries in the world, Bhutan has a strict visa application system. The visa for Bhutan can be only applied through an authorized local tour operator with a pre-book tour with completed payment.

Bhutan Visa Application Notice:

  1. Tourists can’t apply for Bhutan Visa personally, but only through an authorized local travel agency with a pre-book tour.
  2. Only Indian Citizens, Bangladeshi citizens and Maldivian citizens with valid passports can get to Bhutan without a visa.
  3. In order to successfully obtain your Bhutan Visa, the more detailed the travel plan you can provide, the better. Once we receive your online application form, we will reply to you within 24 hours.