How to Plan a 10 Days Tibet Tour? Top Tour Options of 10 Days in Tibet

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If you have ten days for a trip to Tibet, then you can spend some real quality time enjoying the delights of the Tibetan plateau land. Here, we will introduce you to our classic 10-day tour that includes Mount Everest Base Camp and Lake Namtso, as well as other ten-day tours covering China, Tibet and Nepal.

The most classic 10-day Tibet Tour Itinerary

Our most recommended ten-day tour of Tibet is the classic 10-day Lhasa to EBC and Lake Namtso tour, which gives you the chance to take in the world's highest mountain and the stunning landscapes along the route, as well as visiting the largest lake in Tibet, and one of the most sacred lakes, that is a major pilgrimage destination.

Visiting sacred Namtso LakeVisiting the sacred Namtso Lake is one of the highlights of your journey.

The 10-day Lhasa Everest Namtso tour gives you three full days in Lhasa to explore the sights, as well as a four-day trip to Everest and back, two days to visit Lake Namtso to the north, and a last day in the capital before leaving.

Day 1-3 Lhasa Tour

Upon your arrival at Lhasa, you’ll get a good rest in the hotel for the gradually acclimatizing to the increasing altitude. On the second day, you’ll climb up to the most iconic Potala Palace and enjoy the stunning vista of Lhasa Valley from the top. After lunch, you’ll make worship at Jokhang Temple, the spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism. Then you can follow the Barkhor Kora around the Jokhang Temple with the local pilgrims and enjoy a cup of Tibetan sweet tea at the teahouse. On the third day, you’ll explore the biggest monastery kitchen at Drepung Monastery and watch the energetic monks debating at Sera Monastery.

Visit the most iconic Potala Palace of Lhasa cityVisit the most iconic Potala Palace of Lhasa city

Day 4-7 Lhasa to Shigatse and EBC Tour

On the fourth day, you’ll travel west along Sino-Nepal Highway to Shigatse and take in the best highlights of Tibet en route. Driving over Gampala Pass out of Lhasa, you’ll enjoy the amazing view of turquoise Yamdrok Lake and the holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar. Then you pay a short visit to the Karola Glacier, Manak Dam Lake, Pelkor Monastery and Gyantse Kumbum in Gyantse, the third-largest city of Tibet. On the fifth day, you’ll explore the home of Panchan Lama - Tashilhunpo Monastery and enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayas at Gawula Pass. Driving along the zigzag road, you’ll get to the base camp of Mount Everest on the Tibetan side. If the weather allows, you’ll catch the spectacular sunset over the summit. After one night rest at the foot of Mt. Everest, you can get up early for the mesmerizing sunrise and visit the world’s highest monastery - Rongbuk Monastery. Then you’ll travel back to Shigatse and Lhasa on the seventh day.

Get to the base camp of Mount Everest on Tibetan sideYou will finally witness the imposing Mount Everest at Everest Base Camp.

Day 8-9 Lhasa to Namtso Lake Tour

After a good rest in Lhasa, you’ll travel north to the holy Namtso Lake and take a leisurely trek around Tashi Dor Island. On ninth day, you’ll enjoy the natural hot spring at Yampachen and visit the Chimelong Nunnery and have a far view of the sky burial site nearby. Finally, you’ll get back to Lhasa.

Day 10 Depart from Lhasa

On the tenth day, our local Tibetan tour guide will send you to the airport or train station and help you get on board.

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Other Top Tour Options of 10 Days in Tibet

There are a huge number of options for those that have around ten days to spare in Tibet. As well as offering a great tour to EBC and Lake Namtso, we can also offer other packages for ten days, including 10-day Tibet tours, 10-day China Tibet tours, 10-day Tibet Nepal tours, 10-day China Tibet Nepal tours, etc.

10-day Tibet luxury tour from Lhasa to Everest and Namtso

Tibet has some of the best luxury hotels in China, from the stunning Shangri La to the Intercontinental, and the outstanding St. Regis Resort. This luxurious trip of EBC and Namtso takes in the plateau in style.

Yamdrok LakeYamdrok Lake is a surprise attraction from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp

After sightseeing in Lhasa, you will head for the second city of Tibet, Shigatse. Passing alongside Lake Yamdrok and the Karola Glacier, you will arrive in Shigatse in a comfortable vehicle, and stay in one of the best hotels in the city, the Shigatse Qomo Langzong Hotel.

Then it is on to EBC, for the world’s highest mountain. This is where the lodging for the night can be basic, but is well worth the experience of traditional Tibetan styles of living.

After heading back to Lhasa, you will then head north to Lake Namtso. After touring around the lake for the afternoon, you will be driven to the town of Damxung, where you will stay at the refined Damxung Bainma Hotel.

10-day Tibet eastern tour from Nyingchi to Lhasa and Namtso Lake

Nyingchi is reputed as the Switzerland of Tibet for the humid climate and the fabulous landscape. After exploring the Giant Cypress Trees and the Lulang Forest, you’ll enjoy the sights of the Ranwu Lake and Midui Glacier in Bomi Town.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery in NyinchiJoin in the 10-day Tibet eastern tour to view the stunning scenery of Nyingchi

Heading back to Nyingchi, you will drive along the new expressway to Lhasa, following the beautiful Niyang River Valley. In the capital, you will get to visit the iconic sites of the city, including the Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace.

Then you head north from the city to Damxung County and Lake Namtso. Here, you will get to explore the shores of the lake, before heading south to relax in the Yangpachen Hot Spring before returning to Lhasa.

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10-day China Tibet train tour from Xining to Lhasa and Everest

After arriving in Xining, the start of the famous Qingzang railway, you will spend the day touring China’s largest lake, before taking an overnight train from the Qinghai Provincial capital to Lhasa. There, you will spend the first days acclimatizing while you do some sightseeing.

Qinghai Lake in XiningThe breathtaking view of Qinghai lake

Then you travel across the plateau to EBC, to stand in the shadow of the world’s highest mountain. The trip also includes stops in Gyantse, to explore one of the most unusual stupas in the world, the Kumbum Stupa. The only one of its kind on the plateau, this amazing construction is made up of 9 levels and 108 chapels, with thousands of images of Buddha inside.

In Shigatse, you will visit the famous Tashilhunpo Monastery, which was built in the 15th century by the 1st Dalai Lama, and is the seat of the Panchen Lama.

From Shigatse, you travel overland to the final destination in the west of Tibet, Mount Everest Base Camp. The base camp is also one of the best places in the world for the great views of the summit of Mount Everest, and you get the chance to get some great sunset and sunrise photos of the golden sun on the slopes of the World’s Highest Mountain.

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10-day China Tibet city sightseeing tour from Beijing to Xian Lhasa and Shanghai

If you are thinking of doing some sightseeing in China before heading for the plateau, then this is the best option for you. This astounding 10 days tour takes you to the two major capitals of China throughout the ages, the modern capital of Beijing and the ancient Imperial capital of Xi’an, as well as the World’s Highest Capital City and the largest city in China.

Forbidden City in BeijingThe first stop of the trip from Beijing to Lhasa is to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing

The tour starts with a tour around the city of Beijing, including the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall of China.

Then you take the High-Speed train to Xi’an, where you can visit the famous Terracotta Warriors, built to accompany the First Emperor on into the afterlife after his death.

Then you will fly to Lhasa, to tour the City of Sunshine as you acclimatize to the altitude. Here you can visit the famous Potala Palace, the sacred Jokhang Temple, and the many monasteries of the city for a couple of days.

Then fly direct to Shanghai for the last days of the trip, to experience the largest city in China and one of the major commercial centers around the globe, where you can visit such famous sites as The Bund, the Yu Garden, and much more.

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10-day Tibet Nepal in-depth tour from Lhasa to Tsedang and Kathmandu

One of the most iconic tours from Lhasa to Kathmandu, this trip begins with a tour of the capital of Lhasa, including the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple. Then you head out of the city to head south into Lhoka, to visit the Cradle of Tibetan Civilization.

Visit Gyantse Kumbum StupaYou'll have a chance to visit Gyantse Kumbum Stupa.

After touring Samye Monastery and Yungbulakang Palace, you will head back northwest, to visit Lake Yamdrok, before heading through Gyantse, where you will see the Kumbum Stupa, to Shigatse, home of the Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Then it is off to the famous Sakya Monastery, before heading off to spend the night in the shade of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. After a night at the Rongbuk Monastery, you head off to the border at Gyirong Port for your crossing into Nepal and on to Kathmandu.

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10-day China Tibet Nepal discovery tour from Xian to Lhasa and Kathmandu

A journey of intense discovery, this trip starts in Xi’an, the ancient capital of Imperial China. The tour in the city includes a trip out to visit the famous Terracotta Army, built to accompany the First Emperor into the afterlife. You can also visit the Shaanxi History Museum, enjoy the different sights of the city’s Muslim Quarter, and pray at the Big Wild Geese Pagoda.

Visit the famous Terracotta ArmyThis journey will bring you to visit the famous Terracotta Army in Xi'an.

Then you fly off to Lhasa, to tour this amazing city on the plateau. Here, you can visit the Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace, and several monasteries, before flying off to Kathmandu in Nepal.

In the Kathmandu Valley, you will spend a few days exploring the unique Hindu and Buddhist religious sites, including the Kathmandu Durbar (Royal) Square and Patan City, as well as Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Bhaktapur.

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10-day China Tibet Nepal overland tour from Beijing to Lhasa and Kathmandu

If you are looking for a trip that combines the unique cultures of three separate destinations in one, then this ten-day trip from Beijing to Lhasa and Kathmandu is one of the best options you will find.

Swayambhunath Temple, one of the landmarks of NepalSwayambhunath Temple, one of the landmarks of Nepal

The tour begins with a couple of days in the Chinese capital, exploring the delights of the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, as well as taking a trip to stand on top of the Great Wall at Mutianyu.

Then you will take a flight from the capital to the heights of the plateau, to spend a couple of days sightseeing in Lhasa while you acclimatize. Enjoy the sights of the iconic Potala Palace and the Sacred Jokhang Temple, before heading across the plateau via Gyantse and Shigatse to Everest Base Camp (EBC). From there, after an overnight stay, you continue on to the border at Gyirong Port, from where you can transfer to the exotic capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, for an enchanting visit to the Kathmandu Valley.


For anyone with ten days to spend in China, you have a wealth of options for tours to many of the amazing places in both Tibet and mainland China. The 10 days tours can give you a wide range of experiences, and depend solely on what you want to experience during your tour. So if you are ready to spend ten days exploring the best that China has to offer, come talk to our professional advisors, who will be happy to help you explore the Roof of the World.

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