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10 Days Tibet Tour

Fantastic! With 10 days to spare in Tibet, you will have ample time to enjoy some of the best scenic and cultural highlights Tibet has to offer. As a popular choice, the most classic Lhasa to EBC and Namtso Lake tour can be the best choice. A viable option is to spend 3 days in Lhasa, gaining the quintessential Tibetan experiences. Then fan out to explore the grander Tibetan landscape; Or you may evenly balance your 10-day Tibet tour with a scenic Tibet train journey and many side trips in inland China.

To help you make the best decision for the 10-day Tibet tour, we pool together all the most classic and popular 10-day Tibet tours available on our website for you to choose from. Simply pick your favorite one and enjoy the lifetime journey to your heart’s content.

10-day Tibet Small Group Tour

Travel with like-minded global travelers and share tour cost together; our 10-day Tibet small group tours with fixed tour departure offer you a remedy to explore the star attractions in Tibet on a shoestring. We help you get Tibet Permit for free and offer best-value hotels and tourist-friendly travel kits, etc. to ensure you a seamless travel experience. Click the following hand-picked 10-day small group tours and book ahead for an unexpected surprise.

  • 10 Days Lhasa to EBC and Namtso Lake Small Group Tour

    Tour Route:Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt.Everest - Namtso - Lhasa

    This 10 days Lhasa to EBC group tour involves all the awe-inspiring attractions, religious sites and magnificent natural wonder from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp.

    USD 1,210 p.p.

  • 10 Days Beijing Tour and Lhasa to Kathmandu overland Tour

    Tour Route:Beijing - By flight - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - By overland - Kathmandu

    Rarely can you find a tour itinerary that covers Beijing tour, Tibet tour and Himalayan exploration to Nepal. Tourists can visit all the must-visit attractions in these two hot tour destinations plus the ride over the roof of the world.

10-day Tibet Private Tour

If this is your family visit or you travel with your partner or even look for the off-the-beaten-path in Tibet, then customizing a 10-day Tibet private tour will give you the great flexibility to travel at your pace. And we promise to provide you with a full set professional services you need most, such as Tibet Permit, booking Tibet train ticket, and hotel/flight booking and multi-lingual guide, etc. Find the following private tour that interest you most, then we will help you make it happen.

Tibet Train Tour

Hardly can you find a better way to reach Tibet than by taking a Tibet train. As a long-term partner with China Railway, we can help you secure the Tibet train ticket, together with free service for getting Tibet Permit. Our well-crafted Tibet train tours below will allow you to make the most of your Tibet tour in 10 days, plus a scenic train ride.

Tibet Train Tour

Tibet Theme Tour

With entire Tibet as your playground, fun is your mission. And we have prepared the most popular 10-day Tibet theme tours for you. From cultural tour in central Tibet to challenging tour to EBC in Everest Region and leisurely sightseeing tour for the picture-postcard view of eastern Tibet, our seasoned Tibetan guide supported by a strong team of Tibet travel expert will make sure you enjoy the best slice of Tibet you deserve.

Tibet Tour

China Tibet Tour

Savor the scenic and cultural highlights in inland China and later keep traveling to Tibet by Tibet train or flight to admire the lofty Himalayan peaks and pristine lakes; our 10-day China Tibet tours bring you the essence of both Chinese and Tibetan culture. Never miss out the chance to taste such a great cultural melting pot.

China Tibet Tour

China Tibet Nepal Tour

Completing a trans-Himalayan overland tour from mainland China to Tibet until Kathmandu is a lifetime dream to many. As an international travel agency with offices in Lhasa, Chengdu, and Kathmandu, we help you make it easier for you. The following 7 tours allow you to fulfill your bucket list in 10 days.

China Tibet Nepal Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about 10-day Tibet Tours

1. How Much Money Is Needed for a 10-day Tour in Tibet?

Well, the actual cost varies tremendously from person to person. It has much to do with your travel season, attractions you want to visit and hotel and dining you prefer, guide service and transfer, personal expenses, private or group tour you choose, etc.

Take 10-day Lhasa to EBC and Namtso Small Group Tour, it costs up to $1320/person in the high season, with 3-star hotel accommodation, guide and transfer service. On average, you need to spend $5 - 20 US per day for food, not alone the personal expenses for souvenirs, unexpected cost.

If you prefer to travel on a budget, joining our small group tour and traveling in winter (off-season) are highly recommended.

2. What Should I Do to Prepare for a 10-day Tibet Tour?

Firstly, book your Tibet tour with us. Then, Get Chinese Visa from the Chinese Embassy closest to you in your country. Next, email the photocopy of your Chinese Visa and Passport to us because we need them to apply for Tibet Permit for you.

If you want to enjoy the Tibet train to Lhasa, tell us your need. So we can help you secure the train ticket. If you want the flight, do book the flight as early as possible to get the cheap ticket.

Since Tibet has a high altitude (above 4000m on average), you may do some running or swimming to stay fit for the highland tour. Also, consult the doctor or pharmacist if you need some medications to relieve altitude sickness.

Besides, given the erratic weather on Tibetan Plateau, do prepare down jacket and thermal underwear if you plan to visit places (like EBC or Namtso or Mt.Kailash) with extreme altitude. Sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses are essential for UV protection in Tibet.

3. How to Plan the 10-day Tour in Tibet?

It’s highly advisable to stay in Lhasa, both to acclimatize to high altitude and to cover the quintessential attractions in Lhasa, for example, to explore Barkhor Street, hike Potala Palace, and enjoy monk debate in Sera Monastery and visit Drepung Monastery.

Then if you long to visit Mt.Everest and Himalayas, spend another 3 days to travel from Lhasa to EBC via Shigatse and travel back to Lhasa. Then you still 4 days left. A great option is to spend 2 days for Namtso Lake visit. You will enjoy the incredible view of the word’s highest saline lake.

Of course, for a 10-day tour in Tibet, you could have multiple options. Please feel free to consult our travel consultants and get more inspiring travel plans.

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