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Zoige Grassland

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Located in the overlapping areas of Sichuan, Ganshu, and Qinghai provinces, Zoige prairie covers an area of 35,600 square kilometers and mainly consists of meadow steppe and swamp. The flat and immense prairie is home to Tbetan pastoral nomads. Also widely-known as part of military retreat route of Chinese Red Army, Zogie prairie overflows with touching stories between Red Army and local Tibetans. 

In addition to the most celebrated sights, Nine-bends of Yellow River on Zoige prairie, Zoige county has an abundance of tourism resources. Other well-known scenic spots where tourists can have a full understanding of Zoige are Namo Grand Canyon, Jiangzha Hot Spring, Primeval forest, Ancient Panzhou Ruins, etc. Quite a few tasty delicacies are worth a try, such as Tsampa, a Tibetan and Himalayan Nepalese staple foodstuff and yogurt,Tibetan bacon, barley wine, Jiaoma rice, a well-made dish made of Jiaoma( a speical plant in Zoige), dough with pickled vegetable, etc. 

Zoige Grassland

The best time to travel in Zoige is in summer. Since Zoige prairie has an average altitude of more than 3500m, the hilly plateau’s monthly temperature is 10-12.7 Celsius. Tourists may be able to see many wildlife, like white swan, sika deer, many migratory birds. 

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