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Rongbuk Monastery

The highest monastery in the world

About Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in the world, was established sometime in the early part of the 20th century, under the Nyingmapa Sect. Its history is sketchy. Rongbuk Valley was know as the “sanctuary of the birds”. There was a strict ban on killing any animal in the area. The British arriving at Rongbuk in 1921, found the animals of the valley extraordinarily tame: wild blue sheep would come down to the monastery. There were hundreds of Lamas and pilgrims engaged in meditation in a cluster of brightly colored buildings. The British did not meet the Head Lama as he was off doing a year’s meditation in a cave. It was common for hermits to go on meditation retreats in caves in the valley, subsisting on water and barley passed to them once a day.
The monastery was razed in the 1960s. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, rebuilding took place at Rongbuk Monastery and its monastery has been resurrected, along with the stupa that figures prominently in tourist photography of the scene. In Rongbuk Monastery, some of the murals are superb. The monastery and its large chorten make a great photograph with Mount Everest thrusting its head skyward in the background.
Walking forward from Rongbuk Monastery, you will see the famous Rongbuk Glacier, which is the largest among all the hundreds of glaciers formed around the Mt. Everest. The three glaciers north of the Mt. Everest flow south and congregate at a river traversing the foot of the monastery. This is called 'Rongbuk River', and the water there is extremely cold. Also, if you want to get to the Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk Monastery is a place that you would pass by.
One interesting thing about Rongbuk Monastery is that monks and nuns live together in the same monsatery. From 15th April of the Tibetan Calendar the monastery will hold a Buddhist dancing ceremony, which will last for three days. This is held to celebrate the birth of Sakyamuni, which is known as Saka Dawa Festival. During the play, many monks disguise themselves as Rabbis and dance many scenes one after another, and most scenes portray different characters and clothing. Another Tibetan festival is held on 29th December of Tibetan Calendar to placate wandering ghosts, and monks wearing masks also perform this grand ceremony.

Tips of Rongbuk Monastery

1. Rongbuk Monastery is connected to Shigatse City and Lhasa by a road, so it is easy to get to those two beautiful cities from this location.
2. Visitors who decide to climb the Mt. Everest can also stay here at night. Each room can accommodate 4 – 5 people, but you cannot expect too much from its condition. It is about 8 km to the Everest Base Camp.
3. There is also a small restaurant opened by a Tibetan, the prices there are a bit high. You can take some food in advance.

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How to get there

Address: Tingri County, Shigatse
1. Rental Car-- You cannot hitchhike like elsewhere. Renting a car would be the best way to go.
2. Trek

Best time to visit it

You can visit Rongbuk Monastery at almost every season. But if you wan to go to EBC or Mount Everest, you’d better travel from early Mar. to late May, and from early Sept. to late Oct.. That’s when the weather are relatively mild and warm.
Opening Hours: 9:00--16:00

Admission Fee

CNY 35

Map of Rongbuk Monastery

Video of Rongbuk Monastery

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  1. Jun 13 , 2014 21:07
    Asked by nie** from Australia

    Kathmandu to Rongbuk

    Hi, I have been on a tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa, but didn't visit Rongbuk.

    Do you have any tours from Kathmandu to Rongbuk and Base camp only? I know we will have to acclimatise,

    And I'm happy to take 7 days or more to get up.

    Do you have any tours for that?

    Please respond to      

    Thank you


    Jun 17, 2014
    Answered by Tibettravel.Org
    Hi Bernie If you want to go to Rongpuk and Everest Base Camp, you need to book a tour package including visit them, It is not possible to book the overland trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa from a travel agency, and extra day tour to Everest Base Camp from another company.
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