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Nomadic season of Tibet

Author: Catherine Go

Updated this article on Jun 03, 2014


Nomads are those people who are used to travel from place to place for seeking food for their cattles. Over here in Tibet there are lots of nomads. In Tibetan we are used to call them Drogpa. We have two types of nomads. One is Drogpa who lead a life fully as nomad travelling here and there. Some of them have house in pasture but most of them still use Dragur (Tibetan nomads’ tent which is made from yak hair). The other one is Samadrog who do nomad in summer only and in winter they bring back all their cattles with them to their home. They are kind of like semi farmer and semi nomad.tibetan nomads in northern Tibet
If you really want to see how they live you can do trekking in the nomadic area. You will meet lots of nomads on the way. Some of them are Drogba and some of them are Samadrog. It usually starts in April when they go up on the hill for grazing for their hundreds of cattles. Nomads still do butter products as they want and they exchange things like butter with barley with farmers. It is very interesting that these nomads can tell you weather condition by watching sky and wind blowing.
Though nomads travel from place to place, they are used to stay at a place rich in grasses for days to graze their cattles and then they shift to another place near to some streams and good pasture. Most of them might stay in a specific place for a month. Those nomads who are staying in a lower altitude would stay at a place for whole year because of more herbs in lower altitude.
You might see lots of nomads on your way to tour in Tibet but if you go for a trek, you will really join in them and their life for a better understanding of their life which is so simple and relaxing. 

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