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Benefiting from the favorable policy, Tibettravel.Org can guarantee you the Tibet Permit. We organized over 1,000 individual travelers and more than 100 tour groups to Tibet in 2013, and now are taking reservations for 2014 tours. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning a trip to Tibet.

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We just got a piece of news on Tibet permit that Tibet Tourism Bureau loosens its policy on Tibet permit. In 2012, it required at least five travelers from the same country to apply for Tibet permit together and travel in Tibet together, too. But in 2013, Tibet permit is expected to issue to a Tibet tour group with only two travelers with the same nationality
Lhasa Tourist
A foreigner is at Barkhor Street in Lhasa.
Generally, there are four documents required for a foreigner to travel into Tibet, China Visa or Tibet Group Visa, Tibet Travel Permit (or TTP), Alien’s Travel Permit (or PSB permit), and Military Permit. 
China Visa & Tibet Group Visa
A valid China Visa is an essential for all foreign travelers to travel in China, including Tibet. China visa is generally obtainable from most Chinese embassies and consulates in your locality and you must be obtained in advance. But it’s best not to mention Tibet or any places in Tibet as your travel destination when you are applying for Chinese visa (the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is the only exception). Since Tibet is politically sensitive in China and sometimes it may refuse your visa application if you mention about Tibet in the application form.
Tibet Group Visa is a must document for foreigners to travel to Tibet from Nepal. Tourist can get Tibet group visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, whether you already have a Chinese visa or not, Tibet group visa is compulsory for all tourist to enter Tibet from Nepal. 
Tibet Travel Permits (TTP)
Tibet Travel Permits (TTP) is necessary for foreigners to get into Tibet. Tibettravel org can apply it for you if you book Tibet tour from us. However, diplomats, journalists, professional media photographer and government officials are not able to issue their Tibet permit through ordinary travel agencies.
Alien’s Travel Permit & Military Permit 
If you are travelling to restricted areas of Tibet, Alien’s Travel Permit or Military Permit is also required along with Tibet travel permit. Both Alien’s Travel Permit and Military Permits are required if your tour cover or pass through a restricted area sometimes. ATP is easily obtained at your arrival as it should be applied with your original passports, where as Military Permit should be applied along with the Tibet Travel Permit in advance and it will take about 7 working days to issue. Thus, it is best to book Tibet tour in advance. 
No matter what the Tibet permit policy is, Tibettravel org can help you apply for all necessary permits to travel in Tibet as long as Tibet does not stop issuing Tibet permits. 

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